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Avanade Retail Data Value Guide

Thriving both today and tomorrow demands more than a big bang transformation. Retail must embrace continual change – with an ongoing evolution that stretches into core processes – from supply chains through to fulfillment, infrastructure and the entire business model itself.

Modernizing your data is central to this process. Your unique data sets can be a huge strategic asset, helping you uncover opportunities to optimize business processes, operate more efficiently, increase your agility or create previously-unexpected uplifts in sales.

Migrating your data to a centralized data platform is a great start. But maximizing the value of your data requires a commitment to an ongoing transformation. Do this and you’ll gain the ability to derive insights from your data quickly and effectively – to create value and outpace change: What we refer to as “closing the data value gap.”

Read this guide to discover the steps you can take to close the gap and maximize the power of your data, including:

  • Building a solid data foundation, to optimize and accelerate core transactions, processes and systems.
  • Seizing the powerful potential of cloud-based tools to build apps, automate processes and apply AI technologies at speed
  • Establishing quick wins that can prove the value of a modern data platform quickly, while investing returns in new, more complex transformation projects

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