Be more with Copilot in Healthcare

Microsoft Copilot helps healthcare work more efficiently, care teams collaborate better and data translate faster into enhanced insights.

Be more with Copilot in Healthcare

Be more efficient

We face a catalyst moment in healthcare to create a workplace that amplifies the skills of each doctor, nurse and healthcare worker. Microsoft Copilot enhances healthcare efficiency, fosters collaboration across care teams and turns data into actionable insights. 


Microsoft Copilot has the potential to create a better healthcare experience not only for patients but also for providers.  Watch how Dr. Porterfield completes her patient assessment in half the time.

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Let Copilot help you focus on what matters most

Copilot for healthcare professionals

For healthcare professionals

Julie is a nurse at a hospital with a diverse patient population. Julie only speaks English and interpreters are scarce. Julie explains to a patient that she needs to stay for observation. Due to the language barrier, the woman seems confused. She leaves and returns the next day in a worse condition. 

Nurses, like Julie, can use an AI copilot to rapidly and accurately translate medical information into a patient’s language and level of medical knowledge. This also involves customizing tonality to deliver the message accurately and with empathy.

For patients

Olivia is a recent grad who moved to a new city to start her dream job. She wants to make a good impression and doesn’t have time to visit the doctors. She notices a lump under her arm and hopes it will go away, but it hasn’t.


Olivia calls a nearby hospital and is greeted by an automated chatbot.  Using copilot technology, the chatbot finds a nearby practice with early morning hours so she can stop by before work and that accepts her insurance.

Copilot for healthcare patients

Imagine what you will do with Microsoft Copilot

Create a better workplace for healthcare professionals

We see providers and healthcare staff working alongside Microsoft Copilot in their workplace, gaining as much as 20 hours per week by being released from mundane tasks.

Personalize the healthcare experience

Copilots can empower providers and care teams to save time, streamline tasks and personalize interactions with patients.

Protect and secure patient information

Copilots are proving their value as a powerful assistant for overstretched security teams battling risk of cybersecurity threats – finding efficiency gains of nearly 60%.

Let Copilot guide the way you work

As an early innovator with Microsoft in artificial intelligence, we’ve spent over a decade helping clients use AI to redesign the healthcare experience.

Deliver better customer experience with Copilot
Employee experience

Find out what it takes to navigate the future of work with Microsoft Copilot.

Future employee experience with Copilot
Customer experience

Our Microsoft expertise, accelerators and delivery methods help improve patient interactions and resolve issues faster.

Keep your organization secure with Copilot

Healthcare organizations can be more confident data is protected from security threats with Microsoft Copilot for Security.

Avanade is the proven choice for AI on Microsoft

We integrate unrivaled AI expertise, strategic collaboration with Accenture and Microsoft, and proven frameworks to elevate innovation with Copilot—enhancing employee experiences, boosting customer satisfaction and fortifying security teams.

Discover more about AI and Copilot in healthcare

Healthcare needs Copilot

Why healthcare needs Copilot more than ever.

Most healthcare leaders view AI as a partner for improving access to care for patients and making the experience as seamless as possible.

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

Digital transformation has a positive impact on patient care at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein.

Microsoft Copilot powers productivity

Discover how Microsoft Copilot powers productivity and turns data into knowledge.

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