Be more with Copilot in Manufacturing

With Microsoft Copilot by their side, your people can use the collective intelligence of your entire organization to make products better, faster and with less waste.

Be more with Copilot in Manufacturing

Create a better future

How can you design and manufacture more innovative and sustainable products while delivering exceptional sales and service experiences?


With Copilot you can enable any employee to create real-time intelligence from a diversity of R&D, supply chain, product lifecycle management, production, logistics, CRM, sustainability and field services applications to unlock new sources of value.


Discover how Jane, a quality controller, uses her factory Copilot to pinpoint the cause of quality issues, eliminating the risk of potentially safety-critical product recalls in the automotive sector.

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How Copilot changes Manufacturing

Copilot for product designers

For product designers

Bettany is a car designer. With Copilot by her side, Bettany is able to access the latest intelligence to balance complex aerodynamic, weight, aesthetic, materials science and user experience considerations. Her team can accelerate code development, testing, and quality assurance to develop more innovative software-defined vehicles.

For customers

Rakesh is considering switching to an Electric Vehicle (EV) but is anxious about its range, battery lifespan, charging infrastructure and the overall cost.


A Copilot chatbot helps him find the right EV with a leasing plan and complimentary diagnostics, roadside assistance, maintenance and warranties, putting his mind at rest.

Copilot for manufacturing customers
Copilot for cybersecurity experts

For cybersecurity experts

Max has to manage an unprecedented volume of rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats. With Copilot by his side, he is better able to assess vast quantities of intelligence, correlate data on potential attacks that are underway, prioritize incidents and take swift action to protect his firm’s customer data and Intellectual Property.

Let Copilot guide the way you work

Overcome worker and skills shortages

Empower factory shift managers with real-time reports on global machine, production, and plant performance. This allows swift identification of quality issues and energy spikes, stemming from faults with machinery, inventory or human error. Early issue detection reduces waste, cuts costs and enhances sustainability.

Delight customers with better products and services

Create smart connected products and deliver better field service experiences by predicting customers’ future needs and automating personalized interactions. Streamline the management of product recovery, reuse and recycling processes to enhance your circular economy credentials.

Protect people and IP with end-to-end security

Enhance security to safeguard your end-to-end manufacturing value chain. Use Security Copilots to ensure comprehensive and resilient protection for smart connected products, secure data exchanges with suppliers, fortify customer data privacy, and protect intellectual property.

Imagine what you will do with Microsoft Copilot

As an early innovator with Microsoft in artificial intelligence, we’ve spent over a decade helping clients use AI to redesign the production and supply chain experience. 

Deliver better customer experience with Copilot
Employee experience

Overcome skills shortages and boost productivity by designing better workplace experiences with Microsoft Copilot. 

Future employee experience with Copilot
Customer experience

Our expertise, accelerators and delivery methods help you to delight customers with new products and service experiences.

Keep your organization secure with Copilot

Be more confident that your operations, IP and customer data are protected with Microsoft Copilot for Security.

Avanade is the proven choice for AI on Microsoft

We integrate unrivaled AI expertise, strategic collaboration with Accenture and Microsoft, and proven frameworks to elevate innovation with Copilot—enhancing employee experiences, boosting customer satisfaction and fortifying security teams.

Discover more about AI and Copilot in manufacturing

AI in automotive

How will Copilot transform manufacturing? Our experts explore the top opportunities for your business.

Copilot transforming manufacturing

AI in automotive will accelerate our progress towards a greener, cleaner future of mobility. Discover the use cases.

DENSO accelerates with generative AI

DENSO accelerates R&D on advanced electric vehicle systems across siloes, time zones and languages with generative AI.

How can Copilot help manufacturers move to a world of real-time intelligence across their operations?

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