Building your AI Maturity is just a short step away.

In uncertain times, AI has become a powerful differentiator for organizations as they rethink how to respond, reset and renew their business with AI at the center for continuity, resilience and business growth.

If you’re looking to take a leap ahead, consider engaging with Avanade to deepen your AI expertise and drive business results today.

Avanade benchmarked 1,700 Business and IT Decision makers globally to understand their maturity around AI. The curve presents the maturity of those organizations against a set of Five categories.

the maturity of those organizations against a set of Five categories

AI Maturity Assessment

Do you want to become a High-Flier, start with an AI Maturity Assessment

For deeper insights, consider doing an AI Maturity Assessment with one of our AI experts who can not only assess where you are, but benchmark you against a growing database of participants who are also on their AI maturity journey. We can provide you with insights into the research that support your evolution across the five categories and help you plan for growth. Become and AI driven organization today.


Data Value Workshop

Looking to Wring the most out of your Data – try a Data Value Workshop

Data is the core of every enterprise AND every disruption. Getting the most out of your data will help you create customer and employee experiences that outpace your competitors. The Data Value Workshop (DVW) ignites the engagement ensuring the investment in Azure yields the desired business results. The engagement is facilitated through workshops and targeted interview follow-up. The DVW is the first step to unlocking the value of data on the cloud, realizing the promise of AI and making your enterprise end-to-end processes and experiences “intelligent”.


Analytics in a Day

Build your AI proof points to get to the next stage with Analytics in a Day

An energetic and productive one day-to one week workshop designed to help your team build value for your organization leveraging the power of data and visualizations. We’ll work along-side you and your teams to create a prototype set of usable reports and dashboards to take back to your organization. You will be ready to share these reports with your organization for sharing and interpretation by others.

Envisioning Workshop

Expand and Connect the Business dots with an Envisioning Workshop

Use this multi-day engagement to evaluate your progress in any of our five categories of AI Maturity including AI Strategy, Talent and Culture, Digital Ethics, AI Technologies and Processes or Data Supply Chain and Analytics. We’ll help you build a collective understanding with your team, understand your current challenges and the results you are hoping to achieve. We’ll dive in and help you connect the dots between your vision, roadmap and business goals aligned with tangible next steps. We’ll finish off with a dive into the other areas of the business where changes may need to be made in order to successfully apply AI.


AI Healthcheck

Are you on your AI Journey and want an AI Healthcheck

Assess your existing AI strategy, assess your use cases and implementation strategy and evaluate areas for expansion. We’ll help you discover new ways to get more out of your current AI solutions, as well as how to seamlessly connect them across your business units to enable operational efficiency and scalability. A health check can help you validate your approach and pinpoint areas ripe for improvement. Our team of AI strategists can help shed light on where you are succeeding or are even ahead of the curve and propose some additional steps to elevate and accelerate your business results.


AI Leadership Consortium

Join our AI Leadership consortium

To remain cutting edge and lead in today’s environment, one must consider building unlikely partnerships and connections. If this is you, we recommend joining our Leadership consortium. You will be able to network with other leaders, propose and consider new ideas and innovations around AI connect with others who are using AI in new and exciting ways. Joining this group gives you a chance to share and exchange ideas, and cement your organization as an industry leader and visionary in AI.

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