Rise to the challenge

Change, uncertainty, competition, regulation. The global business environment moves faster than ever. Throw in the digital revolution, and the pace of change becomes quicker still. These factors are increasing the complexity of financial and procurement processes for many businesses. 

Success in this climate depends on agile, flexible and closely integrated operations, processes and systems. Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for core financials and procurement provide a management infrastructure that can help you simplify the complexity and thrive in the digital age. 

The benefits of integration

Our dedicated ERP solution for financials and procurement is built for the demands of financial management and regulatory compliance. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing landscape and reduce your IT costs. 

Featuring 20 unique financial capabilities that streamline processes, improve reporting, safeguard compliance and enhance productivity, our solution can help you: 
  • Support financial and procurement processes.
  • Enable compliance with statutory, regulatory and governance requirements.
  • Simplify financial reporting and consolidation.  
  • Adapt quickly and easily to change.

Dynamic delivery

Built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, Avanade's ERP solutions are available on-site or in the cloud. Our deployments are based on leading practices, processes, technologies, tools, methodologies and documentation processes, and on our deep expertise in the design and delivery of Dynamics AX.

Our two-tier ERP approach enables:
  • Tighter integration of global operations.
  • Standardisation of business processes and better visibility.
  • Reduced ERP system costs by enabling the sharing of IT costs and processes.
  • Financial and data consolidation between your Dynamics AX ERP solution and headquarters’ ERP systems.

What’s more, our RapidResults ERP implementation program delivers more value, faster, with less risk and for less cost.


Build a strong foundation

Simplify your financial and procurement processes for a more agile, streamlined business.


Get results fast

Fusing technology and business processes to achieve improved ERP implementation.

Our global ERP expertise

A joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture, Avanade is well positioned to implement ERP projects across the globe:

  • Together with Accenture, we’re the world’s largest Dynamics AX partner.

  • We’ve completed ERP projects for more than 500 clients worldwide.
  • We have over 1,200 ERP experts – many with the highest levels of Microsoft certification. 
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Next Steps

Learn how our expertise in ERP for core financials and procurement can help improve your business systems.

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