ConectCar accelerates its digital transformation

Business Situation

ConectCar is an electronic payment company, which has been working for more than six years to improve the mobility and connection of people in Brazil. With the ConectCar adhesive device, the customer can conveniently pass through toll plazas and park at malls and airports without having to stop at a pay station. This also helps save time for customers.

To provide a seamless, digital and transparent experience, ConectCar chose Avanade to assist in its transformation and digital innovation journey, providing for more flexible processes and technology platforms. This was possible by promoting a digital transformation of the channels and architecture of ConectCar’s backend platforms — generating scalability and flexibility through the modernization of platforms, and improvement and agility in processes and tools.

“The goal is digital transformation focused on the customer. With the support of Avanade, ConectCar has built a flexible and resilient architecture to meet the growing demands in an agile and innovative way.”

Jefferson Elva Santana CIO, ConectCar


Through the help of Avanade Advisory, we created ConectCar’s digital transformation roadmap. As a trusted adviser, we ensured that best practices in transforming technology platforms and processes were implemented – which provided the flexibility needed to leverage new capabilities in a fully agile, resilient and cloud-based model.


Through the implementation of DevOps, agile methodologies and architecture developed in Azure, the business will have the elasticity and flexibility to manage a more complex environment, allowing ConectCar to offer a fluid experience to its customers.

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