United BioSource Corporation: Creating a one-of-a-kind customer service solution

Business Situation

As a leading pharmaceutical services provider, UBC understood the importance of minimizing delays while facilitating access to lifesaving therapies. Historically, UBC relied upon distinct platforms that supported reimbursement, adherence, nursing, and patient assistance programs as separate applications. In 2013, UBC initiated its transition to a fully integrated customer-facing platform.


UBC selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 after careful consideration. Accenture and Avanade completed the team by helping UBC design the new platform, identify how it could be appropriately tailored and deployed within UBC, and lead the integration.

The solution guides UBC employees with automated triggers based on critical-path activities, clearly defined work flows and task management tools through each stage of the patient journey. It underpins critical activities such as managing reimbursement services and working with pharmacies to make sure life-saving therapies are accessible to those who need them most.

"By orchestrating and managing a seamless patient journey, this new platform is playing a critical role in supporting appropriate access to therapy, minimizing barriers to access, and optimizing care for hundreds of thousands of patients."

Brett Huselton VP of Commercial Strategy and Opportunity Development, UBC


By working with Avanade and Accenture, and through the use of leading-edge Microsoft technologies, UBC has developed a differentiated—and highly valued—capability that allows the company to better serve its customers and win new business. The orchestrated interactions and connected experiences afforded by the new CRM solution delivered benefits in four key areas : patient health improvements, new insights provide single version of truth, service delivery efficiencies, and operating efficiencies.

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