Banks’ net interest margins are slim, due to near-zero interest rates in many regions. Potential non-performing loans have generated massive rises in reserves. Due to accelerated digital adoption by all consumer groups, banks are looking to significantly reduce their branch networks.

Many banks struggled to handle massive surges in customer demand due to lack of investment in cloud, AI and digital services. Digital transformation programs are now seen as far too time-consuming and banks are looking for short-term approaches that can deliver business outcomes quickly.

For these reasons, we have developed a Banking Accelerator focused around AI and designed to enhance customer engagement in three priority areas:

  • Customer acquisition and retention:
    • Better lead management
    • Improve the customer onboarding experience
    • Reduce time for account opening
  • Cross- and up-selling productivity:
    • Increase the productivity of your sales teams
    • Develop proactive financial notification
    • Help customers plan for the long term
  • Process simplification:
    • Back-office automation
    • Service simplification
    • Internal efficiency

Download our guide for more details.

Click on the playlist below to watch a series of videos that show how the Banking Accelerator could work in a variety of banking scenarios.

    Look through the playlist above to see how the accelerator could work in wealth management and commercial and retail banking scenarios.

    • Jose: By offering real-time scenarios, you can help customers assess their risk preferences and life priorities and manage their wealth effectively.
    • Laura: Explore how your staff can proactively develop cross- and up-sell options with your customers.
    • Zara: Use digital options to execute investment advice through your relationship managers (RM), including e-signature and post-meeting document review.
    • Adam: Support your clients’ requirements for business expansion by assessing their risk profile and providing extended loans through a digital end-to-end process.
    • Paul: Effectively manage your sector portfolios and potential default probabilities through your RM team.

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