The power of Microsoft industry clouds, personalized by Avanade

More than ever, our future is unknown. The pace of change has accelerated exponentially. Organizations need to embrace continual change, rather than fear it. This means rethinking what it means to be agile, resilient and put people first in the new hybrid world.

Microsoft industry clouds are designed to help you rethink what’s possible for your industry in a world of continual change. Avanade is uniquely positioned to personalize the industry cloud to accelerate the value from innovation, create differentiating experiences, and grow a resilient and sustainable business, through a highly differentiated set of services relevant to your industry.

Through the power of the Microsoft industry clouds, personalized by Avanade, you can rethink to renew and grow your people and organization.


Made for your industry. Personalized for your organization.

Organizations need to rethink what it means to be agile, resilient and put people first in the new hybrid world. Almost all organizations recognize the value of the cloud in achieving this – 70% of businesses are looking to increase cloud spend post-pandemic. With Microsoft industry clouds, Avanade can help you build a business that continually adapts to change in your industry.


Invested in your success

To build, manage and evolve digital maturity to repeatedly renew and grow is not easy. Avanade’s cross-industry insights, end-to-end digital expertise, and privileged access to Microsoft can help you adapt at speed to meet the increasingly virtual needs of your customers, employees and partners and to sustain growth through continual change.

We deliver the best return on your cloud investment by accelerating value through innovation, creating differentiating customer and employee experiences, and growing resilience and sustainability.

Here’s why Avanade is the only partner of choice to position your business for success:

  • 52,000 Microsoft-trained professionals in Accenture and Avanade
  • 32,000+ certifications in Microsoft technology
  • 18-time winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year

Perfectly positioned for your industry success

We’re experts in the Microsoft Cloud.

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