Avanade Automated Migration Technology (AMT)

Our automated migration technology is the key to success, removing the risks of manual migration errors, ensuring that the resulting environment behaves predictably.

This approach imports, parses, analyzes, optimizes and stores legacy objects in a central repository from which the new system will be generated, maintaining consistency and alignment between objects and data and migrating in context. This automated approach accelerates your migration and allows you to then modernize incrementally – at your own pace. By leveraging our unique toolset alongside our depth of experience, we deliver high-quality, turnkey legacy migration services.


Legacy code conversion benefits

See the proven benefits from this independent study.

AMT Transformation Engine

Our transformation engine combines the power of re-platforming, re-hosting and re-factoring in a single solution, allowing complete flexibility over your modernization roadmap. There’s no dependency on emulation software as components are automatically converted into either C# or Java.

We offer re-platforming and re-hosting for Unisys LINC, COBOL and IBM Mainframes. The transformed system runs in our open, native, x86 based landing platform and can easily be managed in our control center.

Unisys LINC code transformation

Our next generation rehosting solution for Unisys LINC is a fully functional integrated development environment (IDE), designed to be familiar to Unisys legacy developers and operators, offering the perfect bridge between the old and the new. Combining the familiarity of the legacy code and data structures with the ability to implement the full range of features of a robust IDE and object oriented code, this solution brings new capabilities from an automated migration of Unisys mainframe applications.

COBOL transformation

Our COBOL rehosting engine generates native, readable and maintainable C#, .NET or Java code – the only solution that gives you the choice to continue developing in COBOL or switch to C# or Java at any moment. This allows clients to continue to leverage existing skills while simultaneously enabling new technologies and capabilities. This solution converts any application developed in COBOL, using CICS or IMS TP monitors and underlying storage (IMS-DB, DB2, VSAM, sequential files) and automatically convert these into a fully identical application, but designed to run within an alternative environment on open systems. The new application eliminates legacy constructs like CICS, IBM, and JCL, replacing them with modern development tools. We can also transform COBOL on all non-mainframe platforms, such as Micro Focus COBOL.

IBM Mainframe migration

The Avanade mainframe migration solution takes any application developed on IBM technology, as well as the underlying storage, and automatically converts these into an identical application that’s designed to run on open systems, putting an end to high costs and IBM dependencies. Through our automated framework we migrate the entire mainframe ecosystem and provide clients with a modern, tested, functionally unchanged replacement that enables further application integration and modernization.

Migrate to .Net or Java

We can help you to convert your legacy mainframe systems into .NET code (C#) and into MS SQL Server or other relational databases, allowing you to leverage the benefits of managed code executing in .NET Core, replacing legacy systems with .NET web applications.

Our solution also offers native Java/Linux mainframe migration options that convert legacy systems into Java code running on a Linux system using a relational database such as Oracle, Postgre SQL and DB2, allowing you to leverage the benefits of managed code executing in a Java open source centric environment.

These options are highly effective ways of preserving legacy mission-critical apps beyond their intended lifetimes while staying true to the shape and structure of the legacy business logic.

Landing platform and control center

Our comprehensive landing platform for your new deployment environment is secure and resilient, providing flexibility, scalability, new capabilities and the ability to adopt new technologies. All while delivering the same or better quality at a significantly lower cost.

Our control center solution gives you full control post migration and code transformation, providing you with a complete and centralized toolset for system administration functions.

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