Banking has felt the full force of the crisis. The way banks work has to change. We see these challenging times as an opportunity to rethink and move through three phases of recovery: respond, reset and renew. It's time to rethink how banks do business.

In this webinar we will provide you a framework for three-phase approach for the current situation:

  • Respond looks at how banks handle the massive surges in customer demand while adopting best practice remote working and maintaining staff health, safety and security.
  • Reset looks at how banks drive down cost and protect profit. It focuses on developing end-to-end digital processes, driving a variable cost structure through cloud adoption, managing credit risk and rationalising property portfolios.
  • Renew looks at how banks can get to growth. There’s a potential 5% revenue uplift for banks who avoid the ‘trust deficit’. We explore how banks can offer better advice, increase personalization and focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investing, especially for Millennials.
How to put this into action?

We have developed a Banking Accelerator that is designed to accelerate the innovation of customer engagement processes with a more agile platform. It is focused around AI and designed to enhance customer engagement in three priority areas:

  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Cross- and up-selling productivity
  • Process simplification

It’s based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure and Power BI platforms, and – among other things - gives a 360-degree customer view, prioritizes leads to focus on key opportunities and leverages customer data using AI to generate deeper insights. Guro Faller and Paolo Aiello will explain to you what value our Banking Accelerator will bring to banks, how it works in a retail, commercial and wealth context and will show a demo of customer scenarios on this webinar.

It’s time to rethink how banks do business. Join us for this webinar to learn more.

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Hans-Inge Stensrud 

Hans-Inge Stensrud
Director, Financial Services, Norway


Peter Barrett 

Peter Barrett
Global Lead, Industry Marketing – Financial Services


Paolo Aiello 

Paolo Aiello
Global Financial Service solution Lead


Guro Faller 

Guro Faller
Digital Sales and Services Lead, Norway




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Avanade’s Banking Accelerator: designed to accelerate customer engagement through AI

Avanade’s Banking Accelerator: designed to accelerate customer engagement through AI.

Rethink how banks can handle new demand

Automation, digital promotion and the human touch are key success factors.

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