Redefining the customer experience in hardware stores with Microsoft Windows 8 Digital Store Guide


Rautakesko Microsoft Windows 8 Digital Store Guide-application has proved to be a success. Application is used by 24 inch touch screen which is located at the entrance of the store.

Customers are able to execute simple selfservice actions to find faster products they are looking for. Random inquires presented for sales persons can be minimized. Meaning that there will be more time for customers who really need deeper consulting service in home improvement. 

Applications Notes-possibility offers end customer service point to create a shopping list and to send it to sales person to be picked up. With applications reporting-capability store owner gets data of most searched products and are able to compare that information to sales numbers. 

Rautakesko has been satisfied with the application and it will be distributed to 42 K-Rauta stores and 98 Rautia-stores in 2014.

Business Situation

Rautakesko is part of Kesko, the second largest retailer in Finland. Company is the leading retailer of building, renovation and home improvement supplies and services. Rautakesko operates in eight countries and manages six retail store chains, covering 420 stores. The most known chains in Finland are K-rauta and Rautia.

​Hardware store owners had noticed the growing trend that consumers visited the store but ordered and bought the product from competitors web store. Rautakesko wanted to find a new channel and way to present offering in stores for end customers and help them to locate the items. The aim was to offer smoother customer experience and to combine K-Rauta's web store and traditional hardware store to work together.

Customer Solution

Avanade made a proactive proposal to Rautakesko to create a Microsoft Windows 8 Digital Store Guide -application. Avanade designed the application and created the interface for K-Rauta web site which functions as a data source for application.

Application shows a comprehensive product data (product info, price, availability) and the store map.

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