Are you ready to respond to change? Do you own your cloud journey?

Businesses must respond in new ways to survive and thrive against start-ups, industry disruptors and natural disasters. To meet the business demands, IT must digitally transform the enterprise through the adoption of cloud native practices, allowing them to both optimise and transform their existing infrastructure and applications. Those who adopt cloud native approaches are Ready by Design to respond to the change.

Have you ever wondered what made firms successful in the past is now holding them back? Most large companies lack the agility and technology to pivot at speed. This allows start-ups to disrupt industries. So how do established enterprises respond to an ever-changing competitive marketplace?

Join Namrata Shah and Jeremy Kolpak from Avanade for a brief webinar discussing the benefits of being ‘Ready by Design’. We will explore the disruptors and how established enterprises can be prepared for anything and be shaped to evolve.

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Jeremy Kolpak

Jeremy Kolpak
Software Engineering Executive

Jeremy Kolpak is a passionate technology leader with deep experience developing software products and working with enterprise clients to create next generation solutions leveraging cloud technology and machine learning. In addition to this he is focused on how we unlock the value of legacy investments in parallel with the path to disruptive innovation.


Namrata H. Shah

Namrata H. Shah
Modern Application Transformation Lead

Namrata Shah is a versatile and dynamic technology enthusiast and a Microsoft MVP who specialises in application modernisation , cloud and DevOps.



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