Rethink cloud for financial services

Banks must learn to embrace continual change rather than fear it, which means rethinking what it means to be flexible, innovative and experience-led in a new hybrid world.

Many banks recognise the need to respond quickly and more effectively to major shifts in customer demand, while updating their security posture to accommodate new ways of working.

Cloud adoption is accelerating as businesses renew and grow through faster innovation and tailored customer and employee experiences built specifically for their industry.

What is Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services?

Built from the ground up with learnings from the pandemic in mind, Microsoft has pivoted its existing technology, so it is now “industry first”. Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services is a fully integrated suite of solutions, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams and Power Platform, designed to support your industry challenges.

As the largest dedicated global Microsoft partner, Avanade is uniquely positioned to unlock the power of the cloud and personalise it for your bank. By tailoring the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services to your business, we enable banks to become more responsive and flexible, create personalised customer and employee experiences, as well as drive innovation and growth.

Cloud personalised for your banking challenges

Through the power of Microsoft Cloud, personalised by Avanade, you can rethink your banking business in order to renew and grow.

Service tailored just for your industry

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services has been designed with customers at the centre. Providing a complete customer view, faster onboarding, greater collaboration and learning from each interaction, it gives banks new, industry-specific capabilities to help customers grow their business and provide advice on key financial decisions.

Watch these videos to find out more.

Industry depth

To find out more about the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, listen to this panel discussion with Satish Thomas (VP, Industry Clouds, Microsoft), Michelle Baxter (Financial Services Global Lead, Avanade) and Edwin Van der Ouderaa (Senior Managing Director, Global Lead - Customer Sales and Service, Accenture) at the recent Microsoft Ignite event.

The journey to cloud is still critical to enable banks to be more agile and resilient. At the latest Money 2020 USA event we brought together a panel of experts from Accenture, Microsoft and Avanade to discuss the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, why banks should migrate their payments functions to the cloud, plus other topics such as innovation and improved EX.

    At Avanade, we leverage our industry expertise to unlock the power of Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services. Take a look.


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    We specialise in Microsoft Cloud

    Our Microsoft expertise, certification, scale and track record is unrivalled – as demonstrated by our 100+ Microsoft Partner Awards – while our privileged access to Microsoft means we can personalise the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services to align with your specific business goals.

    Here’s why Avanade is the only partner of choice to perfectly position your bank:

    • 75,000 Microsoft-trained professionals in Accenture and Avanade
    • 32,000+ certifications in Microsoft technology
    • Winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year
    • Microsoft Azure is trusted by 80% of the world’s largest banks and 85% of GSIFIs

    Helping our clients embrace continual change

    Learn how we’re helping clients rethink their businesses to unlock business agility, develop operational resilience and put people and their experiences first.

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