Avanade rethinks its cloud optimisation approach and reduces costs by 70%

Business situation

Like most organisations in today’s challenging and changing world, Avanade France was looking for ways to contain costs and optimise investments without cutting service levels. The region had experienced a significant spike in its Microsoft Azure consumption. Costs were rising fast and the company knew it needed to do a better job of managing and governing the cloud.

“Previously, we had little visibility into how much we were spending and where. With the dashboards we can see different projects and different subscriptions more clearly.”

Robin Delassus Consultant, Infrastructure Consulting, Avanade France


Our methodology focused on three levers:

  1. Optimise resources and decisions: The project team set a clear direction and strategy focused on optimising resources and cutting costs.
  2. Create visibility and control: They developed Microsoft Power BI dashboards to better understand, monitor and manage costs. This enabled a “consume on demand” approach – in other words, using only what you need.
  3. Implement finance and operations governance: They defined new roles, and governance and approval processes, including budget consumption alerts.

Key to the optimisation program were the Microsoft Power BI dashboards. These enabled the company to see different projects and different subscriptions more clearly. For example, now teams can see their cloud costs by year, month, day, environment (e.g., sandbox), resource type (e.g., storage, backup, virtual machines), as well as individual cost factors such as applications and operations.

Governance was also critical in helping the organisation gain control of its cloud usage and costs. A steering committee is now responsible for cost management of the cloud, and teams need to justify their cloud spending and confirm how they’re using their cloud subscriptions. This enables Avanade France to optimise its use of Azure on an ongoing basis.


The new approach to cloud optimisation has delivered both immediate and longer-term cost savings. In the first month, costs were reduced by almost 40%. The use of the dashboards and the insights they created helped the team make informed decisions about their cloud usage, including switching off redundant virtual machines, reducing over specified consumption and eliminating unused subscriptions.

Implementation of governance and better tools and processes resulted in further savings of 30% over the following six months.

Additional, more qualitative results include a reduction in the environmental impact due to a lower carbon footprint and security improvements stemming from a cleaner infrastructure environment.

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