Rethink your engagement with Supporters, Staff and Volunteers

Come and join Avanade and NetHope with our guest speaker Jayne Barclay from Mater, (an organisation that has been on the frontline of the recent crisis) and Aung Maung from Microsoft for a conversation to Rethink your engagement with your supporters, staff and volunteers. It is time to think how you will respond, reset and renew your engagements innovatively in the digital world to unlock opportunities for the long term.

Our speakers will share ideas, tips and tricks to get you thinking about how you might reimagine your engagements in the virtual environment — looking at ways to use digital marketing to talk to an audience of one. We will use our limited time creatively to share our collective views and our experiences with a view to walking away with actionable insights, and ideas to re-energise for the new environment. So, register to reserve your place today, and we look forward to connecting with you very soon.


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Candida Pinto

Candida Pinto
Engagement Lead, Tech for Social Good, Avanade

Candida Pinto is the Engagement Lead, Tech for Social Good at Avanade. She is responsible for driving Avanade’s Global technology for Good program to Nonprofits in Australia. She has over 20 years of experience in the technology field in various partner roles. Candida came to Avanade from Microsoft where she spent 20+ years in various partner and program management roles across Asia Pacific.


Jean-Louis Ecochard

Jean-Louis Ecochard
Chief Innovation Officer, NetHope

Jean-Louis grew up in France at the onset of the digital age and found in technology the vehicle to quickly convert his ideas into new ways of working that transformed our world. His incessant curiosity led him to pioneer many technologies that we now take for granted: online banking, caller ID, internet access, global systems, B2B, digital trading, video conferencing, online advertising, and eHealth.

Jean-Louis spent the last 15 years giving back by accelerating the mission of The Nature Conservancy, transforming it into a cloud-based digital NGO and inventing breakthrough technologies to save our oceans.

Jean-Louis now serves with NetHope’s The Center of the Digital Nonprofit, an accelerator and the center of excellence for digital transformation in nonprofits.

He resides virtually on the Internet @jecochard and physically in New Zealand where he lives sustainably with his wife and daughters, blending roles of husband, dad and systems visionary.


Jayne Barclay

Jayne Barclay
Acting Director Clinical Informatics and Digital Solutions Delivery, Mater

Jayne is Acting Director Clinical Informatics and Digital Solutions Delivery and has held previous roles as Diagnostics solutions Manager and Digital Applications Manager at Mater. Jayne is also a Clinical Reference Lead for the digital Health Agency.

With foundations in Medical Imaging, Jayne has actively pursued a career in Clinical Informatics and Digital Health. She has gained valuable experience from the roles held in both the Private and Public sectors, with particular experience in systems implementation projects, systems remediation and software development projects.

With an increasing demand to improve quality and efficiency across healthcare reform, she is a strong believer in balancing clinical and technical skills to maximise current health technologies in acute healthcare settings. She does not believe in innovation for innovation's sake, rather innovative solutions to issues that will ensure patients will receive high quality care throughout their clinical pathway.


Aung Maung

Aung Maung
Technology for Social Impact Lead Asia, Microsoft

Aung Maung is the Technology for Social Impact Lead, Asia at Microsoft. As part of the Worldwide Technology for Social impact organisation at Microsoft, Aung is responsible for delivering software and cloud based strategy and solutions to the not-for-profit industry. Based in Canberra, he drives Microsoft's commercial relationships and initiatives with not-for-profit organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong. Aung has 31 years in the Information Technology Industry, with proven track record in management, sales and business development.


Almin Surani

Almin Surani
Global Nonprofit Advisor, Avanade

Almin Surani is the Global Nonprofit Advisor for Avanade. In this role, he is responsible for bringing Digital Transformation to Nonprofits so that they can fulfill their mission more effectively and efficiently. He has over 20 years of experience in the technology field in both private and non-profit companies. Prior to Amii, Almin was the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Canadian Red Cross for 10+ years and has served in senior roles ranging from software development to quality management to strategic planning. Almin received his MBA from Queen’s University in 2002. He has also served on the National Boards for the CIO Association of Canada, Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (NTEN) and is currently on the Advisory Board of Repay Payment Solutions.



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