Build better analytics at scale - increase business resiliency and value

With so much change in the world,many organisations are looking to extract more value from their business analytics solutions than ever before. It’s no longer acceptable to hoard your most valuable data in a silo. The power of bringing your data together across business units, geographies, systems, sensors and more is becoming the key business differentiator of a digitally transformed business.

We can help you take that data and build better business analytics, which leads to better outcomes. We can make the most of your data by addressing your specific data-intensive processes and existing business analytics systems. Or we can start with your larger data, analytics and AI strategy to support your digital transformation vision.

“By improving our analytics, we have enabled greater transparency into our data, which helps our employees to be more proactive with our customers.”

Jim P. Lee Chief Information Officer, Pacific Specialty Insurance Company

Our approach focuses on the full analytics cycle

We take a holistic approach that focuses on the full analytics cycle: socialise, operationalise and industrialise. We often start small, which helps prove the value of your vision, setting you up for the next milestones.

Socialise: We focus on how to bring people together to collaborate with and around data, analytics and AI. We help you break down your data silos, enable self-service, build insights engines using the power of cloud and advanced analytics, and harness data lakes.

Operationalise: We help make your data part of your working culture. That includes integrating new datasets and sensor data, and industrialising your data systems to embrace new, varied and external data. In addition, we work with you to create and implement the necessary process changes.

Industrialise: Finally, we help you develop governance and management standards to set you up for the future. And we can run it all for you too.


The benefits of business analytics: Comprehensive, connected, scaled

Our business analytics capabilities help you infuse intelligence into your business, providing a range of benefits:

  • Enterprise analytics strategy, specific to your industry and organisation
  • Robust IT infrastructure and roadmaps for your analytics platform, on-premises or in the cloud
  • Personalised customer and employee experiences fueled by intelligence at your fingertips
  • Bridge the talent gap in deep advanced analytics applied to your business problems
  • A sustainable data universe with built-in security, scalability, governance and maintenance to let you go as fast as you want to, today and tomorrow
  • Pre-configured analytics platform solutions for scalability and agility

Transform your data at scale to gain greater business value

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Becoming AI Driven

Insights for successful AI adoption and ROI

We deliver: When time is of the essence and failure is not an option

We can help you scale your business analytics and AI vision without breaking what you already have in place. With our managed services approach you can apply analytics without taking on the management of it all. We bring the best technologies, scaled for rapid implementation with proven starter and scale techniques.

This leaves you free to focus on delivering your business objectives.

Our global analytics expertise

Avanade was founded as a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. We’re a leading integrator and innovator of Microsoft data and analytics solutions. We have:

  • Delivered analytics systems for over 550 enterprise clients across multiple industries
  • More Microsoft business intelligence certifications than any other provider
  • 3,500 analytics professionals
  • 400 AI practitioners
  • 1,000 data engineers
  • 4,200 business excellence and automation experts
  • 6,000 automations to date for 350 clients
Becoming AI Driven

Insights for successful AI adoption and ROI

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Coverys: Making insight easy

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Avanade helped thyssenkrupp Materials Services build cloud-based solution built on Microsoft Azure called alfred.simOne.

Next steps

Learn more about how we can help you build better analytics, leading to better business outcomes.

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