How do future-ready brands successfully evolve their customer experience?

Fasten your seatbelts and ready yourself for an eye-opening customer experience (CX) ride along. As brands fiercely compete based on customer experience, it’s critical for CX leaders to know what kinds of strategies, technologies, and talent will make an impact. To get some of those insights directly from experience experts, we recently caught up with Rowan Holloway (Product Manager, Volvo Cars) and Ant Wickham (Global Digital Marketing Offering Lead, Avanade) for a leisurely drive through beautiful Västra Götaland, Sweden. Between scenic vistas and ferry transport, Rowan and Ant share their own discoveries, stories, and recommendations on topics including:

  • enabling a customer-centric culture
  • using data to give more value to customers
  • the importance of blended teams
  • myths and benefits of “agile”
  • moving to automated personalisation and more

Set yourself to cruise control and enjoy the great views, wheels and dialogue.

    Disclaimer: This video is with an employee of Volvo Cars, in their personal capacity, and not as a representative of Volvo Cars.

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