We’re boosting creativity, innovation and engagement with Microsoft 365 Copilot – an integrated, extensible set of tools that combines the power of generative AI with familiar Microsoft 365 apps. As part of our comprehensive research program to validate the potential of Copilot for personal and enterprise productivity, we’ve empowered our employees to explore new ways of working so they can free up time for more high-value activities. Through our learnings as part of the Early Access Program (EAP) for the solution, we can help our clients ready their people and organisations to responsibly work and innovate with AI.

“We believe that being AI-first means being people-first, and this solution truly lives at the intersection of people, technology and new ways of working. It’s going to help us all be our very best so we can more effectively do what matters for our clients.”


Marci Jenkins Workplace IT Executive at Avanade

Meet your new work copilot

The democratisation of artificial intelligence and shift to AI-centric transformation is disrupting ways of working. During the EAP, we validated that Copilot has tremendous potential to elevate workplace experiences and processes, including:

  • Improved employee satisfaction, inclusion and well-being: A responsible AI approach enables people to safely experiment more and creates an opportunity to embed corporate values into organisational governance.
  • Enhanced productivity: An AI copilot reduces the number of mundane tasks employees must undertake, freeing them for more high-value work and workflows so they can more effectively and efficiently solve business challenges.
  • Increased inspiration, creativity, focus and innovation: Ideas from an AI copilot help amplify diverse voices and the attributes that make us uniquely human, such as creativity, empathy and inclusion.

As we scale Copilot across our business and bring our learnings and best practices to clients, our team is excited by the possibilities it represents.

Ready to take flight? Turn your Microsoft 365 Copilot vision into reality.

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