New Docker-Led Application Modernisation Program Improves Deployment Velocity for Northern Trust Applications

Docker Partners with Avanade, Cisco, HPE and Microsoft to Make Legacy Apps Ready for Hybrid Clouds in Five Days.

DockerCon - AUSTIN, April 19, 2017

Docker today announced a new Modernise Traditional Applications (MTA) Program that enables enterprise IT organisations to modernise legacy applications, transforming them in hybrid cloud deployments while simultaneously realising substantial savings in their total cost of ownership (TCO). In partnership with Avanade, Cisco, HPE and Microsoft, Docker is helping organisations like Northern Trust, a leading financial services firm, to make existing applications highly secure, more efficient to maintain, deploy and run and portable to any infrastructure - cloud, hybrid and on-premises.

In the case of Northern Trust, the MTA program enables the Enterprise Technology team to provision traditional applications as much as four times faster than previously - while improving the security profile by scanning for and remediating vulnerabilities more efficiently. Northern Trust has been a Docker user for the past three years and is an investor in the company.

“Docker gives our IT developers the agility and flexibility to move applications through the testing and production environments more quickly and securely. This speed of deployment will directly benefit traditional applications and support our overall adoption of enterprise agile, allowing us to roll out services to our clients more rapidly,” said Scott Murray, Chief Technology Officer of Northern Trust. “At the same time, the containerised environment, in the long run, will help with improved density in the data centers, allowing us to better manage our operating costs."

The MTA program is designed for IT operations teams and consists of professional services, Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) Standard (Docker Datacenter) for application management, and hybrid cloud infrastructure from partners. Central to the program is containerising existing legacy/traditional applications - regardless of whether they are Linux or Windows applications - into Docker containers and deploying and managing these applications onto partners’ infrastructure using Docker EE. As containerisation of a legacy/traditional application does not require modifying source code, IT operations teams can immediately reap the benefits of portability, security and efficiency. The program’s professional services engagement includes containerising a Linux or Windows application, deploying and managing the application to partner hybrid cloud infrastructure using Docker EE, and educating the customer on “best practices” for managing the lifecycle of the containerised application.

“Legacy applications, anchored to on-premises datacenters, represent more than 90% of enterprise applications deployed today and on average account for 80% of IT budgets,” said Scott Johnston, COO of Docker. “Because these applications require upgrades for security, compliance and general maintenance, a large percentage of time, money and effort is spent maintaining them instead of focusing on innovation and more strategic IT initiatives. Through the MTA program, Docker enables enterprise IT to more efficiently modernise legacy applications and transform them into hybrid cloud deployments - a top priority for CIOs according to RightScale’s 2017 State of the Cloud survey.”

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Supporting Quotes

“Partnering with Docker accelerates our ability to deliver value to clients with Microsoft Azure, enabling them to realise immediate benefits from application modernisation and speed their journey to the cloud,” said Rich Stern, Executive, Global Market Units and Cloud, Avanade.

“Cisco and Docker have teamed to help customers modernise applications using Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) and deliver them securely and efficiently on Cisco Unified Computing System® (UCS),” said Satinder Sethi, Vice President, Cisco Computing Systems Product Group. “Docker’s MTA program builds on our complimentary technologies and offers turnkey acceleration for customers to containerise traditional applications.”

“HPE Pointnext provides end to end capability to ensure clients’ Docker Enterprise Edition and its supporting infrastructure platform have been designed, secured and integrated to enable the containerising of traditional apps - all underpinned by enterprise grade support of the infrastructure and Docker. Modernising traditional applications will deliver a lot of value to our joint customers and become an important step in their Hybrid IT journey,” said Rick Einhorn, VP Data Center Consulting, HPE Pointnext.

“Enterprises rely on applications to drive digital transformation both within their organisations and to better serve their customers. While CIOs are making application modernisation a top priority, the process can be complex and time consuming – which is not an option in today’s fast paced business environment. Through this program with Docker and Avanade, we can help enterprises quickly and simply modernise their apps and deploy them to Azure to be faster, more agile and deliver a great customer experience,” said Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure.

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Docker Partners with Avanade, Cisco, HPE and Microsoft to make legacy apps ready for hybrid clouds in five days.

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