What makes us different?

Join Avanade and you’ll be working with some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world. But it’s really all about people. We work to create change for our clients, so they can create change for theirs

Better ways of working

We’re one of the world’s best at helping organisations create more mobile and more collaborative ways of working – with each other and with clients.

More engaging experiences

We help companies find new ways to connect with their employees, customers, suppliers and partners, with interfaces that are as useful as they are beautiful.

More flexible processes

We’re experts at stripping away complexity and creating streamlined, self-service access to core systems. That means faster access and more flexibility.

A clients-centric business

What’s the goal of all this? To enable our clients to focus more on helping their clients. A principle at the core of everything we do.

World class training

Our consultants spend an average of 80 hours a year on education and training: technical training, management training, language education and more.

Go Orange

All our new starters take part in Go Orange. This is an 18-month, industry-leading onboarding program designed to immerse you into our culture and give you the knowledge you need to settle in and start firing on all cylinders.

Professional development

Of course, your training doesn’t stop after 18 months. We provide continual training in technology, consulting, management, leadership and more. At the heart of our training program is the Avanade University, an online hub where you can access the training you need anytime, anywhere.

Microsoft Certification

According to Microsoft, Avanade people hold more Microsoft certifications than any other company in the industry. We can make sure you get all the certification you both need and want for the future.

Career development

At the start of your career we know how important it is to keep moving forward. We provide a well-defined path to help you move as quickly as possible from stage to stage. This model connects the dots between performance, career development and training.

Analyst - Contributes
As an analyst you’ll focus on learning new skills, gaining understanding of Avanade’s business and methodologies and contributing to tactical project tasks.
Consultant - Delivers
As a consultant you’ll apply your skills and knowledge to increasingly complex tasks. The role balances specialisation with seeing the big picture.
Manager - Leads and reviews
When you’re a manager you’ll lead projects and teams, and be responsible for delivering the products and services that meet our customers’ expectations.
Director - Sets strategic direction
A director sets the strategic and tactical agenda for the team and manages client relationships, both internal and external.

Imagine cup

The Microsoft Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition focused on finding solutions to real-world problems. Since 2003, over 1.65 million students have participated in the Imagine Cup with 358,000 students representing 190 countries and regions registering for the Imagine Cup 2014 competition.

"Avanade's big community of experts around the world who are keen to share their knowledge and passion for technology is impressive and probably unique."

Lukas Oestemer Consultant, Avanade - Kronberg

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Avanade is more than just about technology — it's about people. Click on the recently joined profiles below and read their stories.

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