Interactive “Pepper” robot delivers innovative customer experience for ATB Financial

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In an ongoing effort to make banking more comfortable, and to differentiate themselves from its larger competition, ATB Financial embraces a philosophy of relentless creativity and disruptive innovation.

To better appeal to new Canadians and grow their tech-savvy customer base, ATB partnered with Avanade and Softbank Robotics America (SBRA) to launch a custom Pepper experience, a first in the Canadian banking industry. The goal is to gauge whether customers enjoy taking banking information from a robotic concierge.

“A utilização do Pepper para assistir e agradar os nossos clientes, vai ajudar-nos a aprender o que é possível fazer. É mais uma forma de a ATB demonstrar o seu empenho em transformar a banca e identificar e implementar tecnologias de ponta para melhorar a experiência do cliente.”

Sandi Boga Senior Manager of Innovation, ATB Financial


Pepper was placed within designated branches to greet customers, recommend products and services, conduct a simple financial literacy quiz—and pose for photographs. The robot has increased foot traffic by enhancing the customer experience through fresh, fun and non-intimating interactions for those who don’t enjoy visiting the bank.


The initial feedback to Pepper was extremely positive, and the bank will continue to measure the robot’s success by tracking customer interactions, observing behaviors, and conducting surveys and focus groups with customers. Based on the results, the Pepper experience can be built out to include more features and capabilities. Avanade looks forward to continuing our work with ATB, SoftBank Robotics America, and Pepper to provide customers with innovative banking experiences that they won’t soon forget.

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ATB Financial

Read the full case study for more details on how ATB is using Pepper to delivery an innovative customer experience.

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