European bank replaces paper workflows with mobile-enabled, flexible processes to become a bank of the future

Business Situation

One of the leading savings bank in Europe, wants to become a 'bank of the future’ by innovating how work gets done. The bank wants to exploit technology to improve its business, become more agile and collaborative, and create a differentiating, market-leading customer experience.


Avanade is the innovation partner of one of the leading banks in Europe and helping the bank to implement its digital vision. The bank is highly focused on productivity and it has a rigorous, systematised process to advance innovations through proof of concept into production which helped to improve productivity, speed decision-making and improve the customer experience by having the right information at the right time to personalise customer interactions.


  • Collaborative social networking application
    Avanade implemented a collaborative tool to help people get improved visibility to work flow, and share documents. Since this was implemented, 85% of all documents have been moved onto the shared application from individual desktops which also helps to improve security and compliance.
  • Desktop user interface tool
    A desktop user interface tool that personalises and contextualises the user work experience. Acting like a virtual personal assistant, information is pushed out at point of need or when convenient for the user. These contextual applications are being extended to tablets and other mobile devices.
Histórias dos clientes

Large European bank

Case Study: European Bank adopts innovative technology solutions to become Bank of the Future

Histórias dos clientes

Large European bank

Project Summary: European bank replaces paper workflows with mobile-enabled, flexible processes to advance its vision as bank of the future

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