Global digital banking services company lowers costs, boosts performance and increases scalability

Business Situation

This bank offers a suite of digital banking services — including a popular mobile banking app — that were previously housed on aging, expensive technology. After a series of mainframe outages impacted service to its customers, it wanted to adopt a modern database platform to better support its applications, while improving performance and lowering costs.

The bank identified a new database platform for a number of use cases but lacked the in-house skills to implement the technology itself. Recognising Avanade as an innovative leader in delivering database and data analytics solutions, it partnered with our team to undertake a comprehensive transformation across a range of applications.


Over the course of our engagement, Avanade identified opportunities and migrated multiple systems onto the modern database platform, most notably parts connected to the mobile banking application. The app is used by the majority of the company’s customers to check account balances and activity.

"Avanade’s knowledge of modern technology and our hunger to understand and adopt new technology means we can help complicated, large organizations bring that technology into their business and roll it out at scale."

Andy Ross Head of Capital Markets UK & Ireland, Avanade


The database migration has helped improve the mobile banking app’s performance and significantly lowered its operational costs. Migrating other internal databases to the new platform has also allowed employees to access data more easily for insight and analysis.

Reducing the bank’s reliance on its legacy mainframe technology will ultimately allow it to more effectively scale its business. It plans to continue offloading more services in the future. This project has demonstrated how Avanade can successfully help a large, global bank adopt innovative technology across its entire organisation.

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