NHS: The silent digital digital revolution

Business Situation

The UK’s population has increasingly complex health needs, and a multi-disciplinary approach is crucial when treating acute, elderly or multi-chronic patients. Efficient, effective collaboration between healthcare professionals is necessary for quality care and patient safety. The goals for the NHS were to bring different types of care professionals onto the system, connect them effectively, safely transition a user base of over a million, and grow that to the current 1.4 million accounts.

“NHSmail is not just mail, it’s far more than that; it’s better patient care.”

Mohammed Hussain Senior Clinical Lead at NHS Digital


The end-to-end solution delivered involved the transition from a legacy NHSmail service to a new platform was designed, built, tested and delivered by Accenture and Avanade – a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft. Ongoing engagement services provided by Accenture include application development and management, service desk outsourcing, infrastructure and technology consulting – including design of service, roadmap advisory and transformation delivery.


It’s not easy, managing a healthcare revolution characterised by a myriad of sensors, wearable devices and new health analytics applications. Multi-disciplinary care makes a big difference to the treatment of acute, elderly or multi-chronic patients. Healthcare professionals in 13,000 organisations across the country England and Scotland now have ubiquitous access to scalable and secure collaboration. The national platform protects the NHS from emerging cyber security threats; preventing delivery of over 1 billion malicious emails per month. The growing user base continues to enable greater potential for secure collaboration, and better patient outcomes.


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