Pernod Ricard Spain: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Business Situation

Pernod Ricard Spain, one of the world’s most renowned distillers, was looking for ways to improve how its salesforce monitors sales and interacts with retailers. The goal: empower reps with more powerful, intelligent tools to speed up go-to-market activities, generate insight, and enable on-the fly decisions to better serve customers.


Avanade deployed a “user consultancy” team to shadow Pernod Ricard Spain’s sales reps and understand how they work. This design-thinking approach gave the beverage maker confidence Avanade would build something its team wanted to use, before we built it!

From there, Avanade designed and developed a mobile sales application, integrating with the back-end Dynamics CRM.


Today, Pernod Ricard Spain has a data-driven sales application, which not only gives greater insights into customers, but also allows sales to establish deeper, more productive relationships, at greater speed.

Learn more about unifying CRM and ERP on the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Avanade and say hello to the next generation of intelligent business applications.

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