Tokyo Gas triples online visits and increases membership by 600%

Business Situation: Legacy platform limits scope of content and engagement

Tokyo Gas embraced the opportunity to enter the electricity market, but it also faced the challenge of serving current and prospective customers in new and exciting ways. It took a long time to release, add and modify content on its legacy platform because requests had to be sent to multiple external vendors and undergo numerous review processes. Customers hardly visited the company website due to the single online view of only usage and gas charges. Instead, Tokyo Gas relied on its local community stores to support and inform customers about energy issues. Ensuring Tokyo Gas was synonymous with gas and electricity required communicating about more than just billing. It had to promote its expanded services and offerings – and keep it interesting!

“I finally feel like I have the freedom to do many things. I can see customer reactions to our content very easily and then I can give them more of what they want through a better portal.”

Hajime Nakamura Digital Marketing Group Manager, Living Sales Planning Department, Tokyo Gas

Solution: Sitecore with analytics database expands marketing capabilities

Tokyo Gas decided to shift the company’s customer portal site, myTOKYOGAS, onto the Sitecore Experience Platform because of its target marketing capabilities. It needed a partner with the technical expertise to execute the plan and chose Avanade. In additional to guiding the migration, Avanade also helped design and architect the new portal site to align with Tokyo Gas’ overall digital marketing strategy.


The new platform functionalities allow Tokyo Gas to define customer journeys, identify personas and then tailor its services to meet specific needs and interests of its various customers. This positive interaction not only enhances loyalty, but it also increases the potential for attracting new gas and electricity customers. The company and its energy users are realizing significant benefits:

  • Streamlined content release process. Tokyo Gas has greatly shortened its content release cycle with the ability to add urgent or current updates and information directly to the site.
  • Increased website traffic. Monthly volume has almost tripled – from 35,000 to 91,000 visitors.
  • Expanded customer outreach. The membership portal now has 6-7 times more visits and the pace of new registrations is growing at about 300 members per day.
  • Improved engagement. Customers now have multiple channels to interact with Tokyo Gas and can easily access information.
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Tokyo Gas

Read the full case study for all the details on how Tokyo Gas is utilizing digital marketing.


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