Every organisation has unique security business requirements

Because the security business case for every organisation is unique, Avanade’s team of seasoned security professionals work closely with you to address your specific security challenges. These include a combination of regulatory and industry requirements; your specific, heterogeneous portfolio of applications; and the geographic diversity of your employees, customers and partners.

Avanade’s global team of seasoned security professionals work with you to address your specific security challenges. We understand the data protection and data privacy challenges across a wide spectrum of organisations.

“In a world of persistent cyber threats, it’s more critical than ever to have the right strategy and technology in place to get secure – and stay secure.”

Chris Miller Avanade’s Global Security Practice Lead

The right capabilities to secure your business

When it comes to Microsoft enterprise products, nobody knows more about Microsoft than Avanade. Together with Accenture, we were named the 2017 Microsoft Alliance SI Partner of the Year – the 10th year in a row and 13th time overall. With that level of Microsoft product knowledge, our security consultants bring unparalleled expertise to protecting your business. Avanade’s Advisory Services consultants can go beyond the Microsoft portfolio to assess your environment and guide you on the key security issues impacting your organisation.

Our security capabilities include:

Identity and Access Management

Identity is the new perimeter. As a business enabler, identity and access management should provide a risk-proof umbrella with governance and extensive high-profile protection.

Our security team can transform your identity management and access control to your key assets to manage who has access to what information, how and whether it’s legitimate. That includes facilitating users’ interactions – employees, contractors, partners, customers – with your IT business. It also includes providing modern authentication mechanisms for users to easily access business applications in a seamless and secure manner, and providing visibility and IS compliance features on “as-a-service” usages. And it ensures that high-privileged profiles are under control.

We can help you define and build your entire identity management lifecycle, including the various verification controls, identity governance and compliance, and privileged account management. That includes single sign-on and ID federation, multi-factor authentication and risk-based conditional access.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect on May 25, 2018, will impact organisations all over the world. Called the most significant data protection regulation issued in decades, GDPR applies to all organisations that control, process or store the data of EU residents – even if the organisation is located outside the EU.

Avanade offers a GDPR Readiness Assessment that is designed to rapidly assess your business’ readiness for the new controls introduced as part of GDPR. It will highlight areas of readiness and areas requiring further action. Avanade’s advisory-driven approach will leave you with a clear understanding of your current mode of operation and the steps required to get to a future mode of operation where the business and IT are ready for GDPR.

Office 365 security

Microsoft’s Office 365 offers an industry-leading portfolio of solutions for collaboration and productivity. We can help you govern and protect your Office 365 usage and data with native Office 365 security features to protect against data leakage, malware and phishing attacks; respond to security incidents; and interface with third-party security solutions.

Start with our Office 365 assessment to understand how your current security settings and controls may be applied to Office 365 while also highlighting new security features to determine additional tools should be deployed to bring real value to you.


Workplace security

Your information is the lifeblood of your business. Protecting your workplace is of paramount importance in this day of ever-increasing cyber threats. Avanade can provide tools that let you know what is happening in your environment in real time to anticipate threats, improve detection of threats and remediate threats. We also can harden your environment by using Microsoft tools, such as Advanced Threat Analytics, InTune (mobile threat defense), Device/Credential Guard and Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

Cloud security

The risks of leveraging the cloud can be mitigated with services to create a compliant Azure environment, including the secure hybrid architecture, Azure Services security monitoring, and incident response and remediation. We can deploy security tools like Microsoft Operations Management Suite, Azure Security Center and Azure Key Vault Service. 


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Realising real-world results

Here’s how we can help you address your security challenges:

  • Gain compliance around regulatory and industry requirements
  • Provide secure access for your employees, customers and partners; regardless of their geographic location
  • Meet the needs of your portfolio of enterprise applications

Benefit from our security expertise

Avanade has unparalleled expertise with Microsoft products, technologies and solutions, and we leverage that experience to advise you on the geographic data privacy obligations and security control requirements where you do business.

Our expertise includes:

  • 65,000 Microsoft-trained professionals in Accenture and Avanade
  • 24,000+ certifications in Microsoft technology
  • 10,000 projects successfully delivered for over 4,000 clients worldwide
  • 90+ Microsoft partner awards
  • 17 Gold Competencies
  • 13-time winner of Microsoft Partner of the Year
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4 things marketers should do about GDPR now

Marketers need to understand the implications of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and act now.

Next steps

Find out more about how Avanade can focus your investment in security.

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