Workplace and customer experience have been on the agenda for banks for a long time but as the crisis has risen, companies need to rapidly move from responding to resetting.

Banks have felt the full force of the crisis. There has been a lot of activity in the last three months adjusting to the new landscape, especially around remote working and handling huge volumes of customer inquiries.

Now is the time to stop and reconsider. How do you reset expectations and position for recovery?

  • What about security in a remote context?
  • How do banks best communicate in a crisis?
  • What does digital transformation mean now?

In this webinar, we will share our observations around the next steps as we move out of ‘tactical mode’. We’ll interview Peter Swedin, our Nordic security Lead, and talk about getting the right balance between humans and machines when it comes to customer care. We’ll see how banks can get the best from remote working and how to apply automation and AI in the aim to significantly reduce cost.

Whether you are in the middle of changing your operating model or coping with a remote working culture, we’ll help you understand the next steps in order to position yourself for recovery ‘after the storm’.

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Peter Barrett

Peter Barrett
Financial Sector, Global Marketing Lead

Peter is the global Financial Services lead in the Marketing team. Prior to joining Avanade, he worked at Finastra, a global banking software business, where he helped set up their Partner Marketing function. He spent 10 years at Fujitsu where he was the global Marketing lead for the Financial Services sector.


Peter Swedin

Peter Swedin
Security Lead, Nordic

Peter is responsible for driving the security business, offers and initiatives for Avanade in the Nordics. He has worked exclusively with security since the 1990’s, been a part of three successful security start-ups and three global corporations. Has a special affinity for Identity and information security, but have worked in all IT-security related fields. Designed and implemented numerous security projects and architectures on a global scale, leading teams spread across five continents. Takes a wholistic view on security, believing that properly secured environments can serve as an enabler for any organization to do business in new and innovating ways.


Per Strid

Per Strid
Industry Lead, Sweden

Per Strid is the Financial Services Industry Lead in Sweden. He has more than 20 years’ experience from IT transformation projects across various industries. Leveraging on experience from the delivery dimension whilst helping banks, insurance companies and financial institutes to improve the value of their IT investments. Per is passionate about the human perspective of IT-transformations – how to implement business change as an enabler for successful IT-initiatives.



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Banks: Ready for disruption?

Peter Barrett discusses the issues banks are facing when it comes to transforming IT in their business. These include cloud adoption, usage of AI and automation, DevOps skills and security.

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