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    Inclusion and Diversity

    At Avanade, we’re committed to an inclusive and diverse workplace. We value every one of our people, because we understand that inclusive and diverse teams are critical to innovation and future growth – and are critical for any business that wants to remain competitive and relevant in a global marketplace. More innovative. More productive. Smarter. Faster.

    And as the world and our communities continue to evolve, we will remain focused on fostering an inclusive and accessible workplace that brings together diverse and talented individuals to collaborate and create better solutions for our clients and their customers.


    “I'm passionate about inclusion and diversity and personally I don’t believe there is innovation without diversity. With diversity we challenge our thinking, we have alternative thoughts and mindsets.”

    Pamela Maynard Chief Executive Officer, Avanade

    Employee Resource Groups

    With us, you’ll have access to our Employee Resource Group (ERG) Network to keep you connected and supported throughout your career at Avanade. ERGs are a resource which support the success of Avanade and the success of Avanade’s employees, and are a cornerstone of our Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) strategy. The ERG Network is comprised of several ERGs, each of which serves a distinct constituency group. The ERG Network is a way to engage our employees in building an inclusive environment and bringing value to Avanade’s business.

    ERGs capitalise on the energy and experience of our employees globally in the advancement of Avanade’s inclusion, diversity, and accessibility strategy. Built on a model of shared accountability, the program empowers employees to foster inclusion and learning, develop solutions and services that contribute to business success, and enhance personal and professional development.

    Each ERG supports their own members, as well as the broader company through a variety of initiatives, including; events, networking opportunities, resources, guidance, information, and encouragement. Current ERGs include:

    • Prism Employee Resource Group (LGBT +)
    • INSPIRE – Black Employee Network Employee Resource Group
    • Veteran’s Employee Resource Group
    • Women’s Employee Resource Group
    • Adelante | Hispanic Employee Resource Group

    Who is Adelante?

    Adelante is Avanade’s Hispanic/Latinx Employee Network, a community that champions and empowers Avanade’s Hispanic/Latinx employees and allies. We will prioritise our goals and initiatives using our 3 Pillar Model (People, Market and Community Service) which focuses equally on developing our people, giving back to our communities and forming strategic alliances to better serve underrepresented communities in tech.

    Mission Statement:
    Adelante, Hispanic Employee Network, champions the growth, development and pride of all Hispanic/Latinx employees to bring awareness and diversify the work culture at Avanade.

    Vision Statement:
    Adelante commits to recruit, retain and advance current and future Hispanic/Latinx employees.

    My workplace, my heritage, my pride.


    Women at Avanade

    Avanade is proud be among leading organisations who are taking a stand for gender equity, both in and outside the workplace.

    At a corporate and local level, we strive each day to reaffirm our commitment to developing the careers of women in technology. Through our Women’s ERG, leadership development programs like Avanade Leadership Program for Women (ALPW), and events such as International Women’s Day commemorations (more than 70 events globally each year!), we seek to develop and promote women within Avanade to help them grow their careers. At the same time, we’re working to create and support a pipeline of female students and young professionals who are pursuing STEM careers. We facilitate conversations at conferences and in organisations on the topic of diversity, women in STEM, how emerging technology and human ingenuity can change things for the better, among other priority I&D topics. 

    Avanade’s STEM scholars program provides scholarships to women students in STEM programs. Each year we identify universities to work with to identify women who are eligible to receive an Avanade scholarship. In additional to a scholarship, Avanade provides mentoring, a support network and ultimately an alumni network for these young women as their education and careers grow.

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