Jonathan Petit

Jonathan Petit - Auteur

Jonathan has been assisting digital, strategic and commercial departments in the development and exploitation of their data, the modeling of phenomena and the optimization of business processes for nearly 15 years. As a developer and integrator of data-science and analytical solutions, he contributes to the development of the activity within Avanade France and likes to propose innovative representations and tools at the service of people.
He attaches particular importance to taking into account the impact of the implementation of such innovative systems. Interested in economic issues, ecological, social and ethical concerns are at the heart of his thinking and as much as possible, of his actions. Anticipating involving these innovative solutions by ensuring that we place humans as key actors in the major societal orientations seems to him to be essential to learn from our mistakes and to continuously improve. In application, this often means defining and seeking to solve systems of equations by integrating an ever-increasing number of factors and especially by considering the ecological and social dimensions.


Data and analytics

How to better control the environmental impact of data-science projects - Part 2

Posted on October 11, 2021

Given the volumes of data available, it is essential to develop techniques to minimise energy costs related to the implementation of these projects.


Data and analytics

How to better control the environmental impact of data-science projects - Part 1

Posted on September 30, 2021

In physics, entropy* corresponds to the state of disorganization of matter. The minimization of entropy allows the organization of elements furthest from randomness. It has become a major issue of our time, which directly concerns the organization of human activities. What if we applied it to our data projects? Here are some concrete ideas, introdu...


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