#EmployeeAppreciationDay: Thank you for making Avanade something special

  • Posted on February 28, 2019
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Avanade employees collaborating

Every day, around the world, Avanade people are focused on making a human impact for our clients and their customers. March 1 may be the “official” Employee Appreciation Day in several countries, but at Avanade, we would like our employees to feel valued and cared for all year round. Of course, formal recognition from employers and leaders is important – and spontaneous treats and perks are certainly enjoyable – but I believe that a genuine “thank you” is often the most meaningful form of appreciation that a person can receive.


Throughout my own career, I have learned the value of showing gratitude. I make a point of intentionally showing appreciation for the people who are helping me to be better – whether it’s in my personal life or at work – in the moment and at milestone points throughout the year. At Avanade, we take a similar approach to acknowledging the contributions of our employees.


Avanade people do amazing work in crafting digital, innovative solutions, delivering value to our clients, and supporting one another through it all. In my role as CHRO, I am focused on ensuring we foster a community where each person is empowered to do their best work – and feels recognized for this. Currently, we are examining our own workplace experience, and we are on a journey to create a culture centered on listening to our people as we continue to grow and transform inside our organization.


So, on this Employee Appreciation Day, I would like to take the chance to say “thank you” to each and every member of our Avanade team. You own the experiences you provide our clients, the networks of support surrounding one another and the leading-edge thinking that powers Avanade every day. Every day, I see you making a human impact—whether that’s through getting involved in a corporate citizenship initiative, organizing an event in the office or even just congratulating a coworker on a job well-done—and it makes me even more proud to work at an organization where people truly care about and appreciate each other. You are super talented people, and you inspire me with what you are achieving today and what you will go on to achieve tomorrow.

Stella Goulet

Thank you, Dave. You and your team are really helping to change things for the better.

March 5, 2019

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