Avanade and Williams Martini Racing’s partnership off to a flying start

  • Posted on August 19, 2015

This is a guest blog post written by Avanade alum, Peter Simpson.

A good start plays a huge part in the outcome of every F1 race. In order to realise the full digital transformation of the team, it was vital that Avanade’s partnership with Williams Martini Racing got off the mark just as quickly.

Since the partnership began, we’ve delivered over 10 projects – quite a feat in six months. To accomplish this, we used the Advanced Technology Centers (ATC), consisting of more than 22,000 experts with 24,000 certifications in Microsoft technologies, located around the world.

With our GDN experts on call, Avanade quickly put together a team of six .NET developers in the Avanade India Development Centre and two SharePoint developers in the Philippines Development Centre. In addition, we positioned a number of business analysts to work alongside Williams personnel in the customer’s HQ in Grove, UK.

We’re using our suite of applications, from Azure to SharePoint, to create an efficient and innovative workplace that’s there to be exploited by each and every area of Williams.

For example, we’ve just completed the development of the clutch manager application, and are in the process of deploying it live – another crucial step in becoming more competitive.

All project environments are in the cloud, meaning that team members around the world are able to collaborate and help improve. This supports daily reviews between Avanade and Williams teams, ensuring everything stays on the right track.

This fast-paced environment is something that Avanade is used to, yet making changes and delivering performance according to the tight race calendar makes for an even more exciting and aggressive strategy.

We’re helping Williams move forward in the digital space to transform the way they work. While Williams Martini Racing has always been one of the most innovative in Formula 1, we’re continuing to help them push the boundaries on and off the track!


Hi Pete

Wonderful presentation, very professionally delivered.
If you carry on at this speed Pete you'll be a F1 driver yourself.
Keep up the GOODWORK !!!


November 9, 2015

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