15 reasons Avanade is one of Newsweek’s Most Loved Workplaces

  • Posted on October 28, 2021
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15 reasons Avanade is one of Newsweek’s Most Loved Workplaces

Avanade received exciting news last week as Newsweek released its first-ever Most Loved Workplaces list, with Avanade ranking No. 31 out of just 100 companies! Our place on this list is a culmination and validation of all the ways everyone at Avanade has invested in and improved our employee experience over the past year, from pioneering new ways of working and well-being weeks to deepening our commitment to Inclusion & Diversity.

We asked some Avanade employees to share what they love most about working at Avanade:

  1. At Avanade, I enjoy the company culture that includes endless opportunities for self-development. I am always encouraged to work toward different qualifications that will help elevate my career in tech and open the doors to greater opportunities within the company. I enjoy working with my colleagues and senior management who are always keen to share their knowledge and experience. Lastly, I enjoy the diversity at Avanade and its emphasis that the company puts on creating an inclusive workplace.
  2. At Avanade, the possibility for growth and development is limitless. I enjoy working with my peers, who are never reluctant to share their knowledge and experiences. I like how diverse the company is, allowing me to feel included and learn from people from all different walks of life. I also enjoy the work I do, and the ability to be flexible whenever I feel it is required.
  3. Being part of something amazing! I have been with Avanade for 16 years and still feel valued and able to make an impact and learn every day.
  4. Helping guide the implementation of our long-term growth strategy is extremely rewarding. Being able to do this work with such amazingly talented colleagues and at a company that has such commitment to our clients and respect for our people makes it the BEST. JOB. EVER.
  5. I am a new hire, but I have a lot of enthusiasm and passion for my work to come. So far, the energy of my peers and on-boarding team is unmatched, and I would love to provide the same experience to our potential candidates meet, specifically for the campus track.
  6. I enjoy the freedom to bring my full self to work and work on my strength in my role. I also love the opportunities to mentor and coach others so that they too can lead with their strengths.
  7. I enjoy the opportunities to be involved in areas outside of client work that really create a huge long-term impact in creating an inclusive and welcome space at Avanade. I also enjoy the plethora of training and career development opportunities offered to employees.
  8. I like the culture of Avanade generally, especially as we've built-up our Employee Networks and social groups. I also love the wealth of training and opportunities available to support continual growth and development of skills. I also like the fact that, as a consulting firm, I can go from project to project and experience new technologies and environments.
  9. I love how it feels like a community and that there are so many different possibilities. I feel like Avanade cares about their employees, and there is so much room for growth and new challenges. I feel extremely secure and happy in my position with the company and want to spread that to others!
  10. What I enjoy most about working at Avanade is how the people are here for you and support you. Whether that's with technical questions on code you're working on, professional guidance in your career, support to develop an Employee Network, the people at Avanade are truly one of a kind! Almost everyone I've come across is friendly, genuinely cares about you and makes time for you!
  11. The flexibility that everyone is given, both in terms of career path choice, as well as working schedules. The fact that we work as a team, and co-workers are always happy to cooperate and help, and the open-minded culture. The variety of projects and assignments that we can work on. The countless development opportunities.
  12. The resources (both human and online) available to be successful. When there are any questions that I may have around company processes, there is always someone willing to assist me. My Career Adviser is the best in guiding me in the right direction and ensuring my experiences at Avanade are top notch. The team of consultants I work with are extremely helpful in making sure my early transition in the company was smooth.
  13. Though a traditionally technology-focused company, my role is to open doors and educate internal and external stakeholders on the value of Experience and Advisory – there is an openness here that I appreciate.
  14. Work on some of the most interesting, innovative, challenging opportunities across the globe to leverage the Microsoft platform to solve business challenges for our clients
  15. Working at Avanade has provided me with the opportunity to not only develop my skills as a software engineer, but also discover my strengths and interests, an especially important opportunity as a new grad. In addition to finding my technical and career niches, I value, appreciate, and draw from the sense of community that Avanade creates amongst all of its employees, regardless of talent community, skill, race, and gender/sex identity.

Ready to join one of Newsweek's Most Loved Workplaces? Avanade is hiring across the globe. Explore our current opportunities at: avanade.com/career.

John Wegener

In my experience, Avanade is a unique company.  There is a strong emphasis on training and career growth.  The management structure is based on encouraging each employee to become better at what they do.  If you want to move up the ladder, the opportunities are available - and expanding each employee's leadership skills is an objective.  I'm excited to be here and I'm looking forward to what comes next!

February 14, 2022

Carole Colley

Last week was my two-year anniversary @Avanade and I'm thrilled to learn and grow every day. Opportunities are everywhere, only a few clicks away! To name just two that I'm personally involved in: innovation and training. I'm #AvanadeProud to be part of this adventure.

February 14, 2022

Danielle Faustino

I have just completed one week at Avanade and I can share that I can feel an observe everything mentioned above. I have never been and felt so supported and comfortable to grow. What an amazing company to invest my career and develop! And people are so kind and lovely! I am so happy and my heart is so orange!

November 5, 2021

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