The Forrester Wave on Dynamics 365 and what matters most

  • Posted on January 23, 2018
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Forrester Wave on Dynamics 365

The Forrester Wave on Dynamics 365 and what matters most

Just before Christmas 2017, Forrester Research released its report, “The Forrester Wave™: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services, Q4 2017: The 13 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up” which positions Avanade in its “Leader” category.  What a wonderful holiday gift! We were thrilled and humbled to receive this important industry recognition – especially amidst a pool of worthy competitors evaluated quite thoroughly by the detailed analysts at Forrester. At the same time, Forrester’s recognition of us as a “leader” reminds me and my colleagues to keep our focus on what really matters most: "People 1st."


The Forrester Wave report stated, “Avanade's “scale, cross-industry footprint, and lineage give it a unique proposition.” For executives involved in digital transformation and evaluating service providers to help them make the most of their Microsoft Dynamics 365 investment, these Avanade attributes provide a high degree of comfort and certainty. But, it is our “People 1st” mandate, I believe, that is most important for C-level and senior application development and delivery professionals looking to make the right choice. Enterprise software investments often go awry because they fail to engage people to become active users and adopt the solution. We have designed Avanade’s organization and delivery processes to put people ahead of – not instead of – technology. 

Avanade clients are complex global enterprises in markets moving at light speed. They demand to see results from technology investments within 3 to 6 months. It is not technology but the prowess needed to roll out new technology in a way that facilitates adoption.

To provide Avanade clients rapid proof of value requires us to accelerate our productivity while mitigating risk. We do this by hiring for experience and investing in repeatability and complementing technical skill with design thinking prowess.

  • People 1st Experience: “Accenture subsidiary Avanade not only has nearly twice as many Microsoft Dynamics pros as its closest competitor, it’s also one of the few service providers with a balanced portfolio, employing CRM and ERP practitioners in equal proportions,” the Forrester Wave report stated. While we are fortunate to have substantial quantity of talented professionals, it is their competence and experience that allows us to complete projects quickly. Our industry experience, that is not only in-house at Avanade but supplemented by our Accenture affiliation, gives us access to a huge talent pool of leading industry specialists to help clients. This powerful meld of technology and domain specialists helps us deliver innovative solutions to our clients informed by seasoned perspective of their industry and business processes.
  • People 1st Repeatability:  Avanade has invested heavily in process scalability, methods and repeatability that makes it easy for our professionals to do top grade work in less time. Because of the sheer number of successful and diverse enterprise technology implementations we’ve completed – including pioneering Dynamics 365 projects - we focus on the key digital enablement points in an industry that yield immediate results. Bigger isn’t enough to ensure speed – for us, it’s about equipping our people with repeatable processes and fresh repositories of real world knowledge that help them turn around projects faster and with maximum ROI.
  • People 1st UX:  We ensure that our team’s tremendous technical skills are meshed with user experience and design thinking skills so our solutions are more likely to be embraced by the real people using them. We believe that the experience users derive from enterprise business applications shouldn’t be any different from their technology experience outside the business. This helps adoption. Our professionals are urged to think like the end-user.  As part of our digital advisory practice, we are hiring experts who are trained in design thinking while, at the same time, we partner with thought leaders such as LUMA Institute to train our workforce on tried-and-true human-centered design principles. Our persona-based approach to our work leverages design thinking methodologies as a core strategy to continuously drive industry innovation.

I participated in the Forrester interviews as part of their report development process.  I was extremely impressed with the thoroughness of the analysts in making this report.  It is important to understand that the Forrester experts probe deeply into the narrative around their fact-based questions.  They put a lot of weight on real world case studies. Avanade’s rich repository of implementation examples, probed in-depth by Forrester analysts, validate each of the three "People 1st" points mentioned above.

Of course, we are proud of being recognized as a Leader in Forrester’s report. I encourage you to read the Forrester report and also invite you to reach out directly to my colleagues and me to discuss how "People 1st" is a winning approach to digital transformation that is both rapid and rewarding. Also, please come back to our Avanade Insights blog as we address additional topics on what it takes to bring the full promise of Dynamics 365 to life: from how to overcome data silos to get ERP and CRM working together to how to make predictive maintenance and service a reality.

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