Power of Moments at Sitecore Symposium 2017

  • Posted on October 12, 2017
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Power of Moments at Sitecore Symposium

Every year I look forward to Sitecore Symposium. I’m not sure if it’s the intersection of a new fiscal year at Avanade, combined with the renewed energy that comes with a fresh school year, or if it’s because I get to connect with some of my favorite people at Sitecore Symposium. I call it my favorite event of the year because I see this an interesting intersection of creatives, developers, and IT professionals who are all focused on the same thing: connecting with customers. Organizations have many “defining” moments with customers, and each provides the opportunity to either get it right and delight, or to falter and flounder. Working with Sitecore as a recognized leader in the Gartner Web Content Management Quadrant for 8 years, I delight in hearing from, and working with, clients who have astounding visions for shaping their customers’ experiences.

This year at Sitecore Symposium 2017, Avanade and Accenture Interactive are thrilled to be partnering with New York Times bestselling authors Chip and Dan Heath around their brand new book The Power of Moments. For many of us, defining moments, memorable moments are happenstance. However, Chip Heath, along with Avanade’s Jason Hunt, will reveal how organizations can make the most of their defining customer moments and the formula for creating such moments and converting them into moments of opportunity.  Be sure to catch their session “Turning Defining Moments into Extraordinary Opportunities” on Wednesday, October 18th from 1:45 to 2:30pm.

If you’re a business or IT leader, there are great sessions lined up for you as well. For instance, you can hear from Avanade clients like Zurich Insurance participating in a panel discussion at the “Building Your Platform at Scale” session on Tuesday, October 17th at 11:45am - 12:30pm.  You’ll hear how clients are scaling Sitecore to meet the needs of large organizations, decentralized scenarios and even headless CMS.

If you’re a Sitecore specialist and you want to dig into the more technical aspects of the Sitecore platform, you can learn from Sitecore MVPs like Avanade’s Ben Adamski on Wednesday, October 18th from 11:15am to 12:00pm at his session “Achieving a Unified Digital Experience Using Federated Experience Manager.” In this session, Ben will explore how you can use Sitecore’s Federated Experience Manager to achieve a single view of your customer. And, if hearing from multiple experts at one time is more your fancy, then you should definitely catch the experts panel, where Jakob Leander from Avanade will talk with other experts at the session “Building Sitecore Solutions that Scale and Perform” on Wednesday, October 18th from 3:15 to 4:00pm. 

As Sitecore’s largest Global Implementation partner, Avanade has the extreme pleasure of getting to share and invest back into the Sitecore community with MVPs, Sitecore Experience Awards, and customer examples from across our spectrum of work with clients—whether that’s creative and design, strategy, implementation and optimization services, managed services, or even analytics and change enablement. 

If you have a chance, stop by our booth #501 to learn more about our Power of Moments workshops – in Atlanta and Chicago, or hear about the great agency capabilities across Accenture Interactive and Avanade, sign-up for a personal tour of some of our solutions that showcase work done with actual clients, participate in our executive lunch sessions, 1:1s, and more. 

It’s easy to see why Sitecore Symposium is my favorite event. The opportunity to learn, network, and connect with the Sitecore community is a powerful moment—one you can take and make your own!

I invite you to learn more about Avanade’s strategic partnership with Sitecore.

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