Public cloud in every CIO’s future

  • Posted on September 21, 2015
CIOs and public cloud

This article was originally written by Avanade alum Scott Burgess.

I have no doubt that the public cloud should be in the long-term plans of every CIO looking to drive growth. The fact that public clouds and applications are all different means that moving the right pieces to the right cloud will be in most CIOs’ roadmaps. 

The role of the CIO is evolving to have a more formal emphasis on IT brokerage, something that is blossoming in the industry. Consumption-based pricing changes how CIOs think, and consequently the relationship between them and the vendors. What services should be brokered? How should these be priced? A per-unit purchase means less commitment over time, allowing for IT teams to dynamically shift as and when they need to.

However, these shifts need to be planned with business goals in mind. Creating a matrix of criteria such as current technical capabilities, compliance and security levels is a key way to help us understand which applications can and should move to public cloud. We can then start to look at which public cloud suits each application best, based on geographical location, resiliency and delivery level. Combining the right cloud with the right application, optimized to complement each other, is important for focusing on the long-term goals of the business.

Avanade’s expertise helps organizations fully understand and utilize this matrix, supporting the move of core and complex applications. With a partner, businesses don’t need intimate knowledge of the technology, but can instead invest in effort in matching applications with the maturity of the organization. We don’t need to reverse engineer applications to move to cloud – that’s the beauty of it. We can focus on a strategically-enabled holistic approach.

Avanade worked with non-profit organization Aidmatrix to implement a more scalable, cost-effective platform for global disaster relief. We moved three key solutions to Azure, saving Aidmatrix 20 per cent on data center costs. Importantly, because its cloud-based applications are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, Aidmatrix can help disaster response organizations deliver aid to those in need as quickly as possible.

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