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  • Posted on January 31, 2017
great employee experiences great customer experiences

The sales cycle hasn’t changed since the days of the cavemen. It’s always been about the transaction between buyer and seller, whether that’s a spear in return for meat, or dollars for a car. What has changed are the expectations of the consumer, and consequently the expectations of the employee.

What Needs to Change?

Not too long ago the key focus was having that killer website or the new customer service application, all to drive a better customer experience. But for many businesses, even with the new tools, their customer experience was still falling flat twitter [CLICK TO TWEET].

Oftentimes, behind the scenes of that killer website is a series of legacy applications; old infrastructure or outdated productivity tools which don’t allow employees to be at their best. Companies need to match the inside with the fancy outside if they want to attract, retain and engage the best employees. This is particularly true, as digital strategist Peter Hinssen cites how younger generations are using modern technology for personal use but are required to revert back to old technology at work.

This is even truer when you are trying to create a digital sales and service experience, where a truly connected digital interaction for both customers and employees can be a key differentiator. Simply put: you can’t sell without a great customer experience, and you can’t deliver a great CUSTOMER experience without a great EMPLOYEE experience.

So How Can Organizations Make It Happen?

The best digital transformations start with an assessment of where a business is on the digital maturity curve versus their goals for digital transformation. This allows our clients to understand where they are on their digital transformation path and helps create a coherent strategy based on overall objectives.

At Avanade, we use a customer management maturity model that helps clients understand where they are currently positioned across the spectrum of marketing, sales, service, social, and data & analytics. Businesses may see that they are actually doing better than they thought in certain areas, or worse in others, in relation to their digital sales and service objectives. Helping them decide where to focus change to achieve their desired outcomes.

Let’s take a look at how we helped two of our clients reimagine their sales and service experiences to support their strategic objectives.

Being Clever With Sales

We worked with a leading brewery to help their sales staff make faster, informed decisions, and better target promotions. Collaborating closely with the client, we built a mobile app for salespeople to access on their tablets, meaning they can instantly put through orders, access client data and sales reports, show the latest merchandising materials and easily up-sell thanks to proactive recommendations customized for each customer.

It’s the immediacy of this information that makes their relationships more valuable, delighting both employees and customers. It leads to co-operative selling; where instead of sales being “done to someone” its “done with someone”. It encourages a deeper relationship, helps drive future business and provides an optimal experience for all involved.

Taking Service to The Next Level

There are many tools that can help you take your customer service experience to the next level including personalisation techniques; community support, self-service, bots, etc. But one trend in particular is really revolutionizing the service experience – proactive and predictive services. By tapping into The Internet of Things (IoT), enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and supported by their CRM solution, companies can now be alerted to, and solve customer problems, in a proactive way.

For a large utilities client, we put in place a new energy consumer experience. Using IoT and predictive analytics, the new system sends proactive service alerts to help combat issues before they even arise. Costly service calls are avoided and with the new tools, customers can more easily self-serve. Service agents have dashboards to help resolve cases faster, and technicians with mobile devices can focus more on the customer, rather than the process.

Both of these examples illustrate our mantra that differentiation comes from a great customer experience, and you can only achieve this goal when it is backed by a great employee experience.

Want to learn more about the above two client examples? Watch this short video to see how they transformed their customer experience through better employee experiences.

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