Microsoft Ignite 2019: Lighting up your modern workplace potential

  • Posted on October 25, 2019
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It’s time for Microsoft Ignite – the conference that’s firmly etched into the calendar of every partner, developer, client and tech commentator. 

As always, we’re excited to be on the ground, focusing on some of the key Workplace Experience (WX) opportunities that you can seize to make the most of your existing investments in Microsoft. We see Microsoft Teams as a key opportunity, and there will be much to share with you on what we’ve learned about implementation, adoption and ongoing management of Teams as a core collaboration tool. 

I always look forward to the chance to meet clients, peers and other innovators who are doing amazing things – using the Microsoft stack to deliver powerful workplace experiences to their employees. There is always tremendous opportunity to learn from each other.  

So, what will we be talking about?

The cloud as a WX multiplier
As you know, the cloud is opening up a brave new world of work for many organizations. As a Service is no longer a buzzword, it’s increasingly how we all live and breathe as organizations.

We know that adopting cloud-native, evergreen workplace platforms and tools help enterprises unlock an agile, optimized operating model. That means your workplace can keep pace with your business evolution – whatever your speed. It also means you need the right partner to help you understand what value to unlock, and when. 

Take Teams, for example. Because it’s cloud-based, you can capitalize on new innovations as soon as they’re released. Plus, Teams integrates with cloud platforms such as Azure Active Directory, and all of the other bells and whistles -- which means greater flexibility for you.

And the Azure cloud also makes it simpler to embed security into your workplace, which is crucial right now, and likely forever. That helps to build confidence in workplace platforms, manage risk, ensure compliance and maintain customer trust.

So, as anticipation builds ahead of the event, here are a couple of key themes that we’ll be re-enforcing on the ground. 

#1 – The future for collaboration
Confession time. We’re not just a Microsoft partner. We’re also (as Avanade and Accenture) the largest global Teams users in the world. So, we’ve seen its potential and we know all about the powerful possibilities it enables.

We use Teams as a cornerstone to drive our own workplace and employee experience forward. We’re talking beyond merely unified communications and more towards collaboration, employee engagement, developing new applications and operational improvements. 

Collaboration is central to our WX framework, so I’m looking forward to discovering the potential new ways of working, and application layers that will enable even greater (and smarter) interactions between employees, partners, suppliers and customer when it comes to Teams. 

#2 – Making the most of workplace data and automation
With workplace solutions increasingly based in the cloud, there is tremendous opportunity – if not imperative – to view workplace data as an increasingly important part of both your workplace, and data, strategies. 

The amount of workplace data we’re generating is skyrocketing. And the opportunities around adoption of automation, AI and IoT surges, which means we all need to understand what our workplace data estate looks like. Overcoming silos and connecting disparate pieces of the puzzle is becoming increasingly important.  

While Teams is a part of this puzzle, we’re exploring how other solutions – like PowerApps and PowerBI – can enable organizations to assimilate data from various platforms to develop an accurate view of workplace performance and derive actionable intelligence, in real time. 

Avanade Workplace Experience (WX) Services
Avanade is well-placed to advise here, focusing on WX tools that help businesses to identify opportunities to lower cost-to-serve, improve employee experiences and collapse silos by examining end-to-end business processes. 

By embracing a holistic approach to managing your people and technology, you can drive sustainable (and measurable) business value by providing meaningful employee experiences. IT has a very important part to play here. Alongside colleagues in HR and Line of Business, the foundation for the modern employee experience is grounded in the right approach to your technical estate.

See you at Microsoft Ignite 
You can find our team at the Avanade and Accenture booth – #449. Florin Rotar, our Modern Workplace global executive will also be on stage discussing the themes above (and much more) with his Accenture colleague, Tony Leraris, at the Ignite 2019 Leadership Forum on Thursday, Nov. 7th.  We hope you can join us on the ground. 

Get the full schedule of Avanade and Accenture sessions by our workplace experts at Microsoft Ignite on our website. 

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