Unleashing innovation at the world’s largest Microsoft Teams hackathon

  • Posted on February 5, 2020
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Unleashing innovation at the world’s largest Microsoft Teams hackathon

We would like to thank Sangita Argawal and Sanju Vora who contributed to the writing of this blog post.

Few solutions are attracting as much excitement as Microsoft Teams right now. And that’s for a number of really good reasons. 

Teams isn’t just the fastest-growing product in Microsoft’s history – it’s also one of the boldest and most possibility-packed platforms the company has ever introduced. That explains why it has already smashed through the 20-million daily active user threshold.

Teams has the capability to fundamentally transform the way your organization works and its impact can be felt beyond just communications and collaboration. This game-changing platform helps you reimagine your Workplace Experience – transforming everything from employee engagement through to customer experience and operational efficiency.

So, it’s probably no surprise that we aren’t just keen for our clients to embrace Microsoft Teams – we’re capitalizing on it ourselves, adopting it as our preferred collaboration and communication tool.

Teaming up to generate trailblazing innovation
By now you’ve probably gathered that, to put it mildly, we’re fairly fond of Teams. So, we jumped at the chance to join our Accenture colleagues in the world’s largest Microsoft Teams hackathon. 

Accenture’s Modern Workplace MU partnered with Microsoft to make this exciting event possible – and the 11-week journey concluded at the end of last year. Teams from across Accenture and Avanade were encouraged to unleash their creativity and dream up the bravest (or most unique) solution using Microsoft Teams. Running alongside the hackathon, seven dedicated training sessions were delivered across the 11 weeks, covering all aspects of the Microsoft Teams platform.

The Hackathon received over 2,300 registrations and 650 separate teams participated. Alongside the Accenture and Avanade developer community, clients were invited along to experience the power of the Microsoft Teams platform, and the State Bank of India (SBI) and Unilever were among those who joined in.

Each team presented their concepts and showcased solution demos. Over 100 teams were shortlisted before 10 finalists were eventually unveiled. And, as you’ll see below, the winning ideas are a true testament to the powerful possibilities Teams can offer you.

Our victorious visionaries
Winner – The Whack Hack. The victorious concept was a maintenance solution for a water plant. Teams was employed to bring different roles (R&D experts, safety leads and maintenance engineers) together to collaborate and remotely resolve service requests related to plant assets.

First runner up – Team Optimizers. Silver medal went to a platform designed to improve issue resolution within a chemical plant. Here, Teams was used to improve collaboration between field workers and SMEs. IoT features were blended with Teams to check the health of systems and then store data in a knowledge base for future reference.

Second runner up – HASH#. In the bronze medal spot was an innovation designed to support students taking distance learning courses. Teams was used to enable collaboration between peers, provide virtual training classes and remind students about upcoming assessments and exams.

Sustaining the innovative spirit 
We’re really excited about the pioneering potential that programs like this can generate. In fact, we’re about to start a second round of Hacka’Teams, specifically for Avanade developers and software engineers. 

And with the first Hacka’Teams now completed, we’re working with our colleagues in Accenture to maintain that agile and inventive streak. We’re developing groundbreaking industry solutions for resources, health, products and CMT organizations – helping them to unlock the maximum business value from Teams as a digital canvas. 

In fact, our Seattle Studio has been directly supporting Microsoft’s product engineering team to design 96 industry use cases.

To find out more about how your organization can realize the full potential of Microsoft Teams, Avanade has created a free guide that explains how you can enjoy more than just intelligent collaboration from Teams – with redesigned experiences, improved services and processes, and powerful custom applications all made possible by this dynamic platform. 

Get your copy of the user guide now and discover how you can propel your Teams journey forward.

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