Teams transforms workplace experiences – learn how at Microsoft Ignite

  • Posted on October 31, 2019
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Think you know Teams? Sure, you might know it can deliver greater cost efficiency. You’ve probably heard about how it can improve productivity. And maybe you’re also aware of its ability to drive growth.

But, if you truly know Teams, you’ll recognize that what it can really do is help to transform your workplace experience. So, whether you’re struggling to manage third party collaboration tools or need to develop your own workplace applications, Teams gives you the capability to enhance employee experiences quickly and easily – which can ultimately invigorate commercial performance.

Workplace wonderland
As Innovation Lead for our Workplace Experience (WX) approach, I’m excited to be delivering a series of sessions at this year’s Microsoft Ignite – all of which explore the potential of Teams. 

As a trailblazing component within Microsoft 365, Teams is a bold, evolving platform that enables businesses to introduce powerful employee experiences. In just two years, Teams has become one of the fastest-growing business apps in Microsoft’s history. More than 500,000 organizations, including 91 of the Fortune 100 companies, now use it – and it’s easy to see why. 

Teams can help you to redesign experiences and processes, create custom apps quickly and easily, improve employee experiences and maintain collaboration even within other business applications. 

The Microsoft Ignite MVP – Most Visionary Platform 
You can uncover tremendous business value from Teams. But you need to know when to embrace it, which workloads to adopt first, and how to balance technology migration and change management. 

At Microsoft Ignite 2019, you can find out how to unlock a world of possibilities from this feature-rich platform. In a series of sessions across four days, I’ll explain:

  • How line-of-business and other applications can be integrated into Teams
  • How the platform can be a broad canvas for work-process integration and orchestration
  • How Teams helps organizations to redesign experiences
  • How powerful custom apps can be built rapidly

No matter where you are on your Teams journey, join me at Microsoft Ignite to bolster your understanding of this pioneering platform’s potential. 

Scaling Modern Workplace to the max 
One of my four sessions will explore how Accenture deployed Microsoft Teams to half-a-million employees. I’ll be on the Microsoft Ignite main stage (and the session will be streamed) on Thursday from 9:45-10:00 with my colleagues from Accenture – Jason Warnke, Managing Director, Digital Enterprise Services, CIO Office and Tony Leraris, Managing Director, User Infrastructure Services, CIO Office. We’ll explain why Teams was selected and detail the process we followed – from planning through to deploying and optimizing Teams. 

If you’re at Microsoft Ignite or following sessions online, join us to learn how Accenture and Avanade have now become the largest enterprise user of Teams. And discover the challenges we’ve faced (and solutions we’ve found) when deploying Teams for our clients.
Talking Teams tech
Before that, I’ll be delivering three technical sessions focusing on specific aspects of Teams deployments – including my main session on building apps from scratch. Whether you have baseline knowledge and need to develop more intricate knowhow, or simply want to know where to start, the sessions I’m presenting will have something for you.

My three technical sessions are:

The sessions will draw upon client and industry examples, and I’ll cover everything from the basic functions and features through to a deep-dive around extensibility – a Teams capability which isn’t widely known.

Get to know Teams – on the conference floor or online

So, if you’re attending Microsoft Ignite, please join me in one of my sessions. And if you can’t make it to the event, you can also watch the sessions online. 

In the meantime, you can check out our new Teams video below. It explores the potential benefits this breakthrough platform can deliver and explains how – as Microsoft’s number #1 Teams deployment partner – we can support you throughout your journey. 

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