#Avanade20Years: 20 reasons to celebrate Avanade in 2020

  • Posted on December 19, 2019
  • Estimated reading time 5 minutes

As we celebrate holidays around the world in the coming weeks, our Avanade family members have an additional reason to make merry: Avanade’s year-long celebration of our 20th anniversary. So while we deck the halls and finish our holiday to-do lists, it’s the perfect time to turn this space over to 20 Avanade employees who tell us why they will be celebrating Avanade in 2020, starting with our own CEO. 


“My gratitude starts, of course, with our people, who show up every day armed with passion, energy and an innovative spirit to grow our business from the inside out.” – Pamela Maynard, Avanade CEO


“I’ve had the joy of working for Avanade in the United Kingdom and the U.S., and I am so grateful for all of the amazing people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had. I’m celebrating Avanade because the organization has brought together the most intelligent and passionate people to form a phenomenal place to work. I can’t wait to see what Avanade can do in 30 years.” – Rob Truman, United States

“After nine years here, I am still impressed by the opportunities, flexibility and compassion I have found in my peers and leaders. I am proud to work at a company that treats its employees like people and not just numbers.” – Stephanie Fromwiller, United States



“Over the last five years I have had the chance to meet a lot of people from all around the world. The chance to get to know each other, see different countries and work in different (even virtual) teams has had a huge impact on my personal and career development. Furthermore, the team and the people I work with make me happy and proud to be part of this big community.” – Jens Grambau, Switzerland



“Leaders and peers truly pay attention to your needs and create an inspiring and friendly environment to flourish in. Avanade fosters a culture for open dialogue, learning and development, and volunteering.” – Apoorva M. Sekhar, United States



“I have worked for Avanade for almost 17 years. My three kids have grown up with Avanade. We have won clients 10 years ago who are still our clients, due to the best people we have here.” – Thorsten Eberhardt, Germany



“As a boomerang, I’m grateful for the opportunities I have had since my return. Avanade’s culture, work life balance and dynamics are unique and should be celebrated year-round. No better time for celebration than on the 20th birthday. Happy birthday, Orange!” – Seth Fraundorf, United States



 “Diversity is real at Avanade. Working with diverse and great people from all over the world and achieving success using technology to find solutions to problems is unbelievable. Working with project teams and clients to lead their cloud journey is exceptional.” – Timur Bulutcu, United States



 “Avanade´s 20years of successful delivery is special, because it shows that we truly are Generation Z, which makes us digital natives and gives us the ability to help master our clients’ transitions in the best ways (yes, even boomers!).” – Yorck Moritz Winter, Germany



“I am definitely celebrating Avanade’s 20 years of success because of the people that I get to work with around Avanade Global. It is easy to celebrate a company where you are able to work hard and still find time to laugh during meetings!” – Michael Nelson, United States



Avanade is full of people who truly want to help you be the best you can be. It's a safe place to learn and grow!” – Jodi Stiegelmeyer, United States



“At Avanade we have the privilege of serving major U.S. and international clients on some of their most important strategic issues. Being able to contribute to their transformation process is something I take great pride in. I also am proud that at Avanade we are a meritocracy, so it is not about the corporate ‘chain of command’ that stifles innovation and upward mobility, but rather we put the team and client first at all times.” – Alicia P. Tapia, United States



“The true immediate care, mentorship and outreach from my team is something I very much appreciate.” – Mudassir Mayet, United States



“Like snowflakes, each Avanader is unique. We believe everyone counts. We act with integrity and respect. That is why Avanade is special for me.” – Ravi Vajaria, Canada


 “You shape your own career at Avanade and go for your dreams. The sky is the limit.” – Anil Kripalani, United States



“Avanade continues to increase its commitment to the #humanimpact of technology, and we are proud to champion visibility and representation around the world.” – Donald Scott II, United States



“Family and feeling like I belong is important to me. Avanade has from day one been and continues to be somewhere that feels both welcoming and where I belong, just like family.” –Richard W. Trusson, United Kingdom


“Avanade is special to me, because Avanade keeps pushing me to be the best version of myself, whether that is pursuing more responsibilities in my current project, exploring new opportunities, or studying for Microsoft certifications and a lot more. At Avanade, I feel that my opinion is valued. Most importantly, I can perform my religious obligations, such as Friday prayer, without any obstacle from Avanade, my project team and client team.” – Isyraf Zakil, United States 



 “Avanade provides us training and knowledge of technology that is unparalleled, which enables our teams to engage clients meaningfully and provide solutions that work for them.” – Chintan S. Pandya, United States


“The little things we sometimes take for granted, like a simple smile or hello in passing from people I don’t know at Avanade, make my day so much better. The emails we send to each other appreciating each other are amazing. I look forward to many years with Avanade.” – Jed Khan, United Kingdom

Wherever you are and however you choose to celebrate the season, your friends at Avanade wish you all the very best for a safe and healthy holiday and happy New Year.  

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