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  • Posted on April 12, 2018
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Spending time on a tall ship for my latest series of On the Move interviews, I can’t help but think of the explorers of old. These adventurers set sail for new lands not sure what they would find—or even if they might fall off the edge of the earth.

As we continue to venture into a digital world powered by innovation and technologies like AI, we’re not entirely sure of our destination either. Clearly, the journey we are navigating is not nearly as dangerous as those early explorers, but many of the characteristics of a successful exploration remain the same, as I was recently reminded when I welcomed some colleagues from Avanade Australia aboard.

A good crew
I’m very proud of our global team. In particular, the fact that, if you ask anyone what they like the most about Avanade, they will invariably say, “It’s the people.” For me, that speaks not just to the quality and personality of our team, but to our ability to find people from diverse and interesting backgrounds who work well together. As the “captain” of the Avanade ship, I have tried to steer us toward a culture that is anchored in a passion for technology innovation, a desire to help clients and their customers tap into the art of the possible, and an inclusiveness that brings people together to succeed.

“I most enjoy seeing our clients, their customers and our own teams embrace change,” says Lenka Stambulich, group manager in the Sydney office. “I would advise anyone joining Avanade to get to know as many people in the business as you possibly can. Be curious. Make friends. Find out what they do. Build a room where you can collaborate and reach out to others for advice.”

A sense of adventure
At Avanade, we push the boundaries of new and emerging technologies—and our own thinking—to help clients realize results and tap into new opportunities.

“My favorite thing really is using design thinking methodology with our clients to help them see the possibilities of innovation,” said Dominic Santucci, director, Avanade Sydney.

This passion for progress is not limited to our client work. “Imagine and dream big,” Stephen Lew, senior analyst, advised. “Avanade is the type of place that allows you to become whoever you want if you are willing to put in the time and effort. All the opportunities, resources and people that you need to get you there are available to make it happen.”

Noble intentions
The third component to healthy exploration is having integrity with and good intentions for the people and places you encounter along the way. Avanade is leading the charge in the realm of digital ethics because we need to protect our clients and ourselves in the new ecosystem. And, through our corporate citizenship efforts, we are tending to our current environment as well. Margaret Zou, manager, summed it up nicely: “As a business, Avanade is not just focused on our bottom line, but on trying to leave the world a little better than we found it. And that’s what first attracted me to the company.”

If you are ready to be part of a strong crew, have a sense of adventure (which will help you weather adversity) and good intentions, you not only stand an excellent chance of reaching your destination, you’re also likely to enjoy riding the waves with us. Eye patches, fake hooks and pretend swords help, too. Visit our careers site for our latest job opportunities and watch the On the Move episode, below.

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