We’re not all geeks: changing perceptions about technology careers

  • Posted on February 7, 2014

Innovation. Collaboration. Creativity. These are the new tenets of technology so forget the old images of geeks sitting in front of computers all day. There’s a wide range of roles in technology whether it’s designing new interfaces or interacting with a variety of companies and clients. The truth is, it takes more than your typical computer coders to run a successful IT consultancy like Avanade. It’s 2014 and many people are pursuing technology careers for good reason.

The changing nature of technology is allowing many people to discover their true talents. It’s also a massive growth industry that offers amazing opportunities for everyone. At Avanade, we’re committed to breaking down the stereotypes and proving technology careers are different than what they were even a few years ago.

We want to show you what technology looks like in todays’ ever-changing world so we’ve put together a little video that features some of our amazing employees and why they love their technology careers. As you’ll see, technology is not sitting at a desk on your own; it’s about people transforming organisations, traveling and working remotely all over the world, working with people who are passionate about technology, what they do on a daily basis and making a big difference for our customers.




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