#MyAvanadeStory – 30,000 individual stories make up who we are

  • Posted on January 9, 2018
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30,000 employee stories

One of the best parts of working for a global tech consultancy – and one of the biggest challenges I face as a recruitment marketer – is the many different reasons why our people choose to join and build their careers with Avanade. For some, it’s our strong relationship with and access to the latest Microsoft technologies, for others it’s the flexibility that comes from embracing a digital workplace, and for someone it might be the world class enterprise clients they get to work with each day. Others have attributed it to our focus on inclusion and diversity, emphasis on training and development (80 hours a year), extended benefits to support your personal work / life balance, strong corporate citizenship initiatives…the list goes on and on. It’s likely not one reason, but a combination of these things that makes Avanade the right place for so many talented people.

Good problem to have, right? In theory, yes. But when it comes to developing messaging that truly conveys the magic of what it’s like to work here, I often find myself making difficult choices about the “best” features to showcase. 

My ‘aha’ moment came when we were editing our Life at Avanade video series. I love this series because you get to hear one person’s story of their career journey and understand the personal and professional motivations that drive them. These videos also require a film crew, travel, video editing, and coordinating calendars of busy consultants. No easy task. Add onto that the fact that we have 30,000 unique individuals working around the globe, and each of their stories are different and powerful. While we can’t capture them all (hard as we may try!), there had a be a way to showcase more voices so those who don’t know Avanade can better understand the value and opportunity that exists working for the leading digital innovator. 

That’s when we asked our people to turn on their webcams (or phones, or tablets) and film themselves sharing their #MyAvanadeStory. What started as a pilot project in our Chicago, London and Singapore offices, turned into a month-long campaign where we asked all of our people to share why they love working here, why we are the leading digital innovator, and how we are different from other companies. The answers were honest, inspiring and even a bit funny. By turning our employees into "selfie stars" I quickly realized we had tapped into authentic storytelling at its finest; our people were sharing themselves, unfiltered and completely real. (I'm sure it goes without saying, but the cost was pennies compared to a full video production - a win for any marketer!). 

I hope #MyAvanadeStory gives people a glimpse of the amazing global team we have, and the variety of reasons people choose Avanade. Hearing their stories certainly reminds me of why I joined and continue to build my career here.

Watch all the #MyAvanadeStory videos here.

If you want to build your own Avanade Story, learn more by visiting us at www.avanade.com/careers.

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