Proud to be orange: Avanade’s passion for technology hits pro3 racing

  • Posted on July 29, 2014

You’ve likely heard about Avanade’s technology partnership with Lotus F1 Team – helping the team drive innovation both on and off the track. But, Avanade’s passion for technology and racing doesn’t stop there.

The company’s logo also dons the hood of another race car. Avanade’s Canada West Business Development Executive Ryan O'Connor gets behind the wheel of his own Avanade-branded race car on weekends.

The 47-year old Vancouver native was first drawn to auto racing in the 1970’s as a young kid, watching his godfather race his Porsche against renowned drivers such as Gilles Villeneuve, Keke Rosberg, Bobby Rahal and Al Unser Sr. Four decades later, Ryan sits behind the wheel of his 1987 BMW 325is as part of the PRO3 race series.

Since joining Avanade in September 2012, he had often heard the term for passionate Avanade employees as being ‘orange.’ That doesn’t mean just wearing swag emblazoned with the Avanade logo – it’s about showing Avanade’s collective passion for technology out in the everyday world. In the hopes of exhibiting his own passion for Avanade and technology, Ryan reached out to see if he could brand his car with the Avanade logo.

Since emblazing the Avanade logo on his car last spring – and emulating the Lotus F1 Team’s color scheme – Ryan has met a number of people from the Pacific Northwest who approach him about our company. There are a lot of people in Seattle and Portland who have a passion for technology and work at or are associated with Microsoft. The logo on the car is a great conversation starter, and has helped Ryan connect with new people in the Microsoft organization.

Although Ryan has been passionate about race cars for his entire life, he didn’t begin racing competitively until 2007 when he completed his driving training and received his novice license. Still, he made sure that when he met his wife, Rachel, he expressed his passion for racing. His family is supportive of his hobby, and often attends his races. His two sons sometimes join his pit crew for longer races, while his daughters root for him from the stands.

If you find yourself at a PRO3 race this summer, be sure to look for Ryan and the Avanade logo out on the track!

Lorne O'Connor

Your competitiveness in your driving shows all yours skills to get any job done.  Your number one fan.  Dad

August 11, 2014

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