The incredible orange cars of Avanade Netherlands

  • Posted on August 7, 2015

1st Gen Fiat 500, 2nd Gen Alfa Romeo Mito, 3rd Gen Renault Twingo parked in front of the Avanade Netherlands office.

Deep in the wilderness of Almere, The Netherlands, is the home of about 360 Avanade employees. They are a unique type of residents as they share a common passion for technology of all kinds. This love is expressed in various orange-colored objects varying from branded laptop-bags to subtle Avanade logo stickers that are stuck on laptops, tablets and mobile phones. But the most loved item that expresses their passion is through their orange cars.

In the Netherlands, it is common for IT companies to ‘lease’ cars to their consulting employees in order to facilitate their daily commute. Employees who don’t visit client sites (such as Avanade Core Services) usually aren’t provided such a car. So in 2008, Avanade invested in a company car that included our logo for employees to use as a core employee benefit. It’s also part of our marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and visibility. This makes the small Core Services team unique when compared to the regular lease cars. Up until now three generations of Avanade Cars have made their way into our lives.

The Avanade team loves driving their brightly-colored orange cars. At first, HR consultant Duygu Ciftci felt that a lot of people on the road were surprised to see the car. Now she noticed that especially children love it, pointing at it and screaming “WOAH! Mommy, daddy, look!” - as if a Formula 1 Williams Martini Racing car was speeding by. This always makes her smile. When the Avanade team visits career fairs, campus events or technology events, they park the orange cars near the entrance for optimal recognition. It shows Avanade is always well represented.

The Avanade Cars can also be used to travel abroad during holidays, which results in some serious brand recognition. When travelling through Germany, I was approached by someone asking if I also stood in the traffic jam near the German border. An awkward question when you’re checking in at your overnight stay. The guy just recognized the orange car while the border was already 500 kilometers (310 miles) away!

Marketing consultant Julenne Concension also had an interesting experience during a city trip in Paris, France. She parked her orange car in a garage but when she returned she noticed a little note under the windshield. Was it a ticket? Did she parked incorrectly? No, it was a note from a fellow French Avanade employee who was totally excited seeing the Avanade Car and wanted to meet the owner! How cool is that?!

As it seems, Avanade is not just a place to work, it is a way of living. The Avanade branded orange cars are an extension of this feeling, by expanding workplace pride to clients, family, friends and the rest of the world. So keep your eyes out for an Avanade Car, you might spot one in the wild!

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