Behind the scenes at Avanade’s Global Analytics Studio

  • Posted on November 3, 2014

The following blog post was written by Avanade alum Ed Bobrin.

As we’ve said before, the world runs on data. There is more data created in the span of a few hours than in years before. The companies that will succeed in this data-driven economy are those that can interpret, analyze and visualize their data to accelerate both strategic and tactical decision making. Approximately one year ago, Avanade’s Data & Analytics team made a decision to improve our capability in delivering a more enhanced experience to help enterprises do exactly that.

I’m proud to be a part of Avanade’s new Global Analytics Studio. Our mission is to bring innovation and creative thinking in the areas of data visualization and data interpretation – and, ultimately, raise the level of our customer’s analytics experience.

Over the course of its first year, the Analytics Studio participated in several Analytics Value Experience workshops for both external clients and internal stakeholders. These workshops let us rapidly create prototypes to show the art of what’s possible when it comes to how data visualization can help drive the business to quicker decision making.

Our other big milestone was the launch of Avanade’s first mobile app – Avanade Touch Analytics (ATA).  ATA is a mobile analytics platform that allows customers to rapidly design dashboards leveraging prescribed visualizations that are not just optimized for touch but rather built with touch from the ground up.  The Analytics Studio continues to own this program and functions as the global pre-sales engine helping teams across the business bring ATA to customers. In the coming year, we will extend Touch Analytics into Avanade’s overall Analytics as a Service offering.

In Avanade’s fiscal year 2015, we’ll be working to help companies transform into truly digital businesses and recognize the benefits of a digital workplace. Data and analytics are a core part of any digital transformation. We look forward to expanding our Analytics Studio team and our reach in FY15 – enabling success for our Avanade peers and customers. Stay tuned for other stories from inside the Analytics Studio!

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