Women strike back

  • Posted on July 29, 2019
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The tide is changing and creating a wave of freshness and renewal. Our voice is stronger, and we are emboldened, by recent victories and most importantly by each other, to chart a new course that is unprecedented. Personally, I am excited to see what our world would be like five years from today.


Two weeks ago I woke up to the terrific news that Accenture announced Julie Sweet as its new chief executive officer. Prior to that, we announced that Pam Maynard is going to be our next CEO – leading the charge for Avanade from this September. I couldn’t be happier for a friend and colleague, and to be part of a company that champions female leaders in a male-dominated industry.


Beyond the technology consulting realm, a similar but more extensive movement is happening in the global sports arena.


Back in March, I highlighted how biased data can be when we did a search for sports and professions on the Web. For example: if you did a search for any national football team, the immediate search results would return the men’s team as the default response. Fast forward to July, if you did a search for ‘USA soccer team’, what would the results show? I’m proud to say it’s the women’s national team!


Gender inequality in sports is not by any means a new realization and the same can be said for most industries, like technology. Did you know that the German women's national team were gifted a tea set for winning their first European Championship title? Imagine that – a tea set!


But recent events in women’s soccer is creating legions of new fans and supporters. Such is the fever that the USA Women’s home jersey is Nike’s bestselling shirt of all time in one season’s sales. What inspires me profoundly is how the World Cup champions, the U.S. national women’s team, are not only great athletes and players, but also icons and pioneers for advocating equal pay and gender parity. Their pursuit to close the wage gap is a reckoning force that shatters theglass ceiling and a just mediation of their case would set a strong precedence for fair compensation.


From soccer fields to office spaces, there is so much to be done to create an equitable world for all of us. It requires a continuous and collective effort to drive change at a high scale. The good thing is, technology and social media enable an incredible acceleration and a multiplier effect that compress time and space. Changes in the past that required years, now happen in days.


As a leader in a technology company, this is the most exciting time yet and I’m thrilled to be part of a organization where we share a passion to create genuine human impact, drive equality and inclusion, and embrace our diversity in everything we do.

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