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When you hear the word “alumni,” you probably think of the schools you’ve graduated from. Proud alumni don their schools’ colors and root for their teams, they come back to campus for reunions and homecoming events, and they keep in touch, knowing that though they’ve moved on, they’ll always have fondness for the institution they graduated from. In a way, it will always be home.

We think it should be no different for our Avanade alumni. Careers are long and winding, and it’s natural for people to want to branch out and explore new avenues. But just because you’ve left Avanade does not mean it has to be the end of the road. We want you to stay connected and keep in touch, which is why we’ve created this Alumni Community, where you can find interesting opportunities and stay up to state on what’s happening at Avanade. Once you go orange, you’re Always Orange.

avanade alumni

“When an employee leaves Avanade for another opportunity, we’re grateful to have been part of their journey. Always Orange gives us the opportunity to stay connected and celebrate their future successes, because in many ways, those are our successes too.”

Pam Maynard CEO at Avanade

Avanade homecoming stories

“Homecoming” is our new series in which we tell the stories of Avanade “boomerangs,” employees who left the company for other opportunities before returning. Professional paths can take all sorts of twists and turns, but wherever you go and whatever you do, there is always a home for you at Avanade.

Avanade alumni stories

We also love to share the stories of our Avanade alumni who are making waves on their next adventure. As you hit new milestones and see new accomplishments, we’re proud to have been a step in your journey that got you to where you are now.

Go Always Orange

You’ve already been orange, now it’s time to go Always Orange. Keep your Avanade connection strong by joining the Always Orange Community, where you can get insight on what’s happening at Avanade and even hear about potential opportunities.


Updates from Avanade

We’re excited to hear what you’ve been up to but want to share a bit about what we’ve been up to as well. Check back often for the latest research, client stories, press releases and other important Avanade updates.

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